5 great ways to slash your office costs

5 great ways to slash your office costs

Running an office can sometimes feel like a never ending series of expenses. From furniture to provide a comfortable working environment for you and your team, to computing equipment and software to help you run your business efficiently, there’s a lot to consider. The good news is that there are ways to reduce your costs, and here are five to think about.

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Engage with local organisations

Becoming part of your local chamber of commerce can provide you with access to a range of discounts. It’s important not to join based on the potential of discounts alone as you might be disappointed but it’s worth enquiring to see if you could save money on the products and/or services your business needs.

Consider your power sources

It’s second nature to call a utility company to set up a service when moving into a new space. But there are other options, including steps you can take to power your office yourself. There are a variety of micro wind turbines and solar options available that can power everything from CCTV to lights that might be worth considering.

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Establish healthy working practices

A healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce. From offering healthy snacks in the kitchen to encouraging your employees to take days off to recover from a mild illness before it develops into something more serious with a longer recovery time, will both demonstrate that you value your employees and boost your productivity.

Ditch the printer

Running a printer can be costly and the advancement of modern technology means that operating a paperless office is now more attainable for many businesses. As this Forbes article explains in greater detail, going paperless can have many benefits for a range of businesses. Paperwork can be easily sent to different departments and can even be signed digitally as well.

If you have found yourself questioning: can you make a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet? The answer is yes. PDF to excel tools facilitate the seamless conversion and editing of important documents, contributing to an efficient workflow and enhanced productivity.

Get rid of your phone line

Providing you have a reliable internet connection, you can reduce or even completely eradicate your telephone costs. Services including Skype allow users to conduct telephone or video calling conversations through the internet, providing more flexibility than traditional phone calls.