Saving Money on the Cost of Christmas

Christmas is not far off now, and with the nights drawing in we know that it will soon be time to start that preparation for the big day! Starting early can help to reduce the stress of the festive season and enable you to get more enjoyment from it.

Something else that is a worry for many people at this time of the year and this year in particular is the extra expense of Christmas – the parties and the family activities, as well as the food and the gifts for the big day all add up, and with energy prices rising, many of us are keen to reduce the cost of the festive season, but don’t want to sacrifice the joy of this special period of time – especially this year now that we are no longer restricted by lockdowns and rules on social contact!

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Here are a few things that can help you to save money on Christmas and still have a great time…

Lots of Activities are Festive and Free – Christmas activities such as visiting the North Pole and going on a light walk in the woods are all around us at this time. However, there are lots of things that you can do that don’t cost anything! Walking through the woods is free, and you can see many plants and animals around at this quiet time of the year when much of nature is asleep. You could also organise a walk around the neighbourhood to spot all of the pretty festive displays and lights in the area.

Make your Own Gifts – Gifts can be expensive, but home-made gifts are not only cheaper to create, but also more of a treasure to the recipient. There are lots of things that you can make, from tasty Christmas treats like gingerbread, to wreaths that you can forage for in the woods. You could even get a knitting kit and create a scarf or blanket for someone.

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Plan Well in Advance – If you spend plenty of time planning ahead, then you will be able to spread the spending and also get things for less. For example, looking out for things in a sale now rather than waiting until the price goes up as Christmas approaches. Also do this with food that has a longer shelf life, so you cut down on how much you have to buy in one hit for Christmas dinner.

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