Bathroom Lighting Options

More often than not, bathroom lighting seems to be a second thought for the majority of homeowners. Without adequate lighting, the bathroom can be dark and gloomy; making them feel cold and uninviting room in your home – not what you want first thing in the morning! While ceiling lights provide a good amount of ambient light to the room, you need additional lighting for tasks such as shaving or applying make-up. Fortunately, choosing lighting that ticks all the boxes is not a very difficult task for the bathroom – you just need to know what kind of lighting is offered and that will suit your needs.

Bathroom lighting can be defined by two different categories – decorative lighting and task lighting. As the name suggests, decorative lights are selected in accordance with style; while task lighting involves helping with specific tasks.

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Decorative lighting

Without a doubt, flush ceiling lights are the most popular choice when it comes to creating ambient lighting in the bathroom – they’re stylish, functional and do not take much space. Flush ceiling lights can contain one light to more than five, and are available in a large selection completed in accordance with the style of your decor. Choose a standard flush light for subtle ambient lighting or choose to spotlight which allows you to direct the light to specific areas of the room.

While flush ceiling lights are the traditional choice for the bathroom, there are some other options you have to create a bathroom to be proud of. If you like the idea of a traditional ceiling light but are looking for something a little more contemporary, recessed downlights are a great option to create a lot of light while keeping your ceiling surface flush.

Finally, if you want something a little luxurious to make the bathroom light the main feature, chandelier lights designed for the bathroom will add a touch of chic to any interior style. Combine with stylish Ceiling Roses for the perfect finishing touch at a site like

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Task lighting

Selecting task lighting for your bathroom comes down to personal choice, because we each use the bathroom for different things. However, it is recommended that each bathroom has an illuminated shower mirror as it is used to light up your face when you apply makeup or shave, for example. They come in various styles and finishes, with each providing varying amounts of light. You can choose from a static mounted mirror or a swing-arm mirror so that you can change the position when needed. Some think of wall lamps as purely decorative, since they can be installed purely to add style to the bathroom. However, wall lamps work best when they are installed for a purpose, such as illuminating the sink or the shower rack / cabinet.

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