How To Choose A Perfume?

How To Choose A Perfume?

How to choose a perfume – an unequivocal answer and specific recommendations for such a question do not and cannot be.

The fact is that the choice of a perfume depends on each person, on his individuality, on hair color, on temperament, and even on the season.

Also, the type of skin, the chemical composition, the acid composition of the skin, etc., also have a strong influence on the fragrance of perfumes and their choice.

That is why some women perfume lasts longer than others, and the fragrance of the perfume itself is changing. We will not be able to say how to choose perfumes that you will surely like, but you can give some general recommendations and advice.

How To Choose A Perfume?

Very rarely, but sometimes the perfume becomes unpleasant due to the pH of the skin. But this happens very rarely and you should not worry about this when choosing perfumes since usually all perfumes are created for skin with normal acidity.

A more common problem when choosing perfumes is the possibility of allergic reactions to some of their components. It often happens that, after perfuming with any perfume, a woman after a while begins to have headaches.

And although medicine does not attribute this to allergies, but claims that this is primarily a problem of psychology, by and large, you don’t care about the reasons for which you have to give up the perfume. Based on what we have just said, we conclude how to choose perfume – choosing perfumes, take your time.

Before choosing a perfume to listen to your feelings, feel the aroma, imagine it on your image. Having learned this, you can easily choose the perfume.

Try to choose a perfume in the afternoon. It is at this time of the day that the sense of smell is enhanced, and you can make the right choice more likely.

When choosing a perfume, never sniff the bottle or perfume in a concentrated state. Apply a little perfume on the elbow, back of the hand or wrist. Make sure that the place of the skin where you put the tested perfume does not smell anymore.

How To Choose A Perfume?

In order to choose the right perfume must be checked in a special situation. There should naturally be no foreign odors, there should be peace of mind, you should not hurry and try to relax.

As you understand in the perfume shop of such a state and environment for the selection of perfumes is almost impossible to achieve.

In order to choose perfumes to try to buy them in small perfumery shops and avoid pre-holiday days.

Wait at least one hour before choosing a perfume, then smell it, and a few hours later smell it again. If all three times the scent of perfumes like, we can assume that the choice is made.

To determine the persistence of perfumes, remember that the human nose gets tired very quickly, so before choosing perfumes, remember that you can take no more than three samples at a time. First, try the lightest scent, and leave the heaviest or sharpest last.

Do not lower the nose too close to the place where the perfume is applied, it is important to understand what kind of perfume leaves a mark.

In order not to become entangled in the perfume, mark the places where certain spirits are applied.

How To Choose A Perfume?

How to choose a perfume that suits your character and hair color

In the choice of perfume, depending on the hair color there are a few well-established tips. We do not claim that it is these flavors that should be chosen, but still, we will tell you about the most popular recommendations on how to choose perfumes according to the color of your hair.

  • Sensual brunettes – try to choose perfumes with sweet and bright aromas, but avoid too tart.
  • Blond hair and matte skin – the perfect choice for you would be the choice of perfumes with elegant floral fragrances.
  • Blondes with fair skin are perfumes with fruity and fresh aromas.
  • Bright brown hair – this image requires you to choose an oriental perfume.

How to choose a perfume with “your” character

But it is necessary to choose perfumes not only according to the color type of the woman, one of the decisive values is the temperament, style, and character.

The rule here is just one thing – for strong, ambitious and arrogant women, perfume with bright and memorable fragrances that are more like men’s, erotic beauties should be preferred tart oriental fragrances, and we recommend you to pay your attention to perfumes with fresh fruit and flower aromas.

How To Choose A Perfume?

How to choose perfume – the effect of fragrances on men

Perfume is a powerful weapon in the female arsenal. It is believed that men love with their eyes, but it is not. Very often the right choice of perfume is able to drive a man crazy, the smell has a tremendous impact force.

Most of all men are attracted to the natural smell of women, but perfumes can enhance it, so take care of this. So how do you choose a perfume, with some fragrance, in order to conquer men?

First of all, it is worth remembering that harsh odors do not like men at all, the barely perceptible scent excites much more. Apple and strawberry, as well as other fruit flavors, will excite the appetite of men not only for food.

Almost natural aphrodisiac, causing excitement, is the scent of Ylan-Ylang, for a wonderful night, we recommend choosing a perfume with this fragrance. In order to appear younger, it is not necessary to resort only to visible means; you can choose perfumes with the aroma of chocolate, vanilla, and coconut.

For a romantic evening rolling in the night, choose a perfume with the smell of patchouli, eucalyptus and ginger. Do not forget about jasmine, this fragrance will not leave indifferent any man, as it most of all reminds men of the natural smell of a woman.

We hope that a few tips on how to choose a perfume will help you get not just a fragrance, but a part of your image, a bit of what you really want.

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