Six must-have items for catering businesses

Six must-have items for catering businesses

If you’re planning on setting up a catering business, you need to invest in a few must-have items to ensure that operations run smoothly and you are always equipped to deliver a premium product. These 6 items are non-negotiables and are worth spending money on.

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1. Decent shelving

When it comes to storing food and equipment, solid, durable, easy to clean shelves are a must. Invest in shelving that you can safely stack with all your equipment, plates, crockery and other necessities, and that also allows for easy stock control and easy access.

2. Equipment and accessories

Investing in decent baking and food prep equipment is key to success. A commercial mixer, mixing accessories and measuring jugs are all essential, as are slicers, dicers and anything else that will streamline prep and make your operation run smoothly.

3. Utensils

We don’t just mean the usual forks and knives and spoons, we’re talking about cutters, slotted spoons, spatulas and all other utensils that you’ll need when catering on a large scale. Equip your kitchen with the utensils you need and you’ll always have the right tools for the job.

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4. Fridges

Food waste is a major issue globally, but in a catering company, it’s the equivalent of throwing money down the drain. Invest in a catering fridge, from somewhere like, and ensure that whatever you purchase meets your kitchen’s needs.

5. Ovens

A commercial oven is as important as a decent fridge, and you’ll need to decide what size will best suit your needs. Being able to cook large quantities of food at one time, and at the correct temperature, is crucial, and you may even need a few ovens to ensure that all food is cooked and kept warm at the same time.

6. Fryers and pans

Pans and fryers can be used for all kinds of things in a kitchen, from making cakes to pies and bakes, so you should invest in what you need upfront. Not having the right pans is a problem, and it can slow down prep time and reduce the quality of the final product. Fryers are also essential if you need to make large quantities of chips, fried food or even donuts, as the quality will remain far more consistent than if each batch was done in a pan.