Famous Metal Sculptures Around Britain

Metal is one of the most useful materials that human beings have, and it can be put to use for all sorts of things – from the construction of our homes to the cars that we drive, metal is all around us in our everyday life. As well as this, we also have an array of types of metal, each with their own unique properties which can be particularly good for different things.

In order to form metal into the shapes that we need to make it useful, as well as to cut and bend it, there are all sorts of machines nowadays that can do these jobs for us, like these CNC punching machines for example https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/euromac-bending-machines/punching-machines which can punch holes or shapes into sheets of metal.

As well as making metal incredibly useful for the practical things that we need, metal is also a popular material with sculptors. In fact, all over the UK, as well as the many metal ornaments and sculptures that adorn homes and gardens, there are also lots of very famous metal sculptures that can be found. Here are a few of them…

Verity – Head to the seaside town of Ilfracombe in North Devon, and here you will find this awesome sculpture by one of Britain’s best known (and often controversial) artists, Damien Hirst. The sculpture is no exception to many of his controversial works, splitting public opinion as the pregnant woman standing on books stands tall over the harbour. However, it has increased tourism in the town, with many art lovers visiting just to see the sculpture.

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The Angel of the North – Almost certainly the most famous work of art by Anthony Gormley, the angel of the north towers over you as you approach Gateshead along the A1. Signifying the historic coal mining people of the area, the angel is a symbol of the North of England and since being erected in 1998 has become the sign that you are in the North of England.

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Women of Steel – This is a sculpture by Marin Jennings, and it commemorates the women of Sheffield who during the World Wars fought the battle on the home front, working in steel mills and the factories to help the war effort. The two steel working women stood together showing the friendship and support that the women gave to each other and to the country.

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