How to Organise a Garden Party

If you want to throw a garden party, there are plenty of things you need to consider. You’ll need to create a menu, decorate the area, and give your guests some fun games to enjoy.

One of the most important elements of a garden party is the food. Choose simple, easy-to-eat items that your guests will love. For instance, you can serve fresh fruit and summer pudding. Also, consider whether you will be able to cater for any special dietary requirements.

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It’s also important to give your guests plenty of booze. Serve drinks in pitchers or champagne glasses for added sophistication. The drinks will help make your garden party feel extra special.

Adding candles to your table can create a magical ambience. Try a variety of colour schemes to match the blooms in your garden. Consider a covering for possible inclement weather. A marquee is a flexible option. For Marquee Hire Near Me, contact Good Intents for handy Marquee Hire Near Me

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Aside from lighting, you can add a festive, whimsical feel to your party with balloons and paper lanterns. Guests can also bring their own decorative elements such as pom poms and flowers.

If you are serving homemade treats, you might want to decorate your desserts with edible flowers. Some ideas include: lavender sachets, dainty posies of garden flowers, and cupcakes decorated with colourful patterns.

If you plan to have a large garden party, you can rent giant games such as a twister or chess. Garden games are an excellent way to break the ice between your guests.


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