What you should expect from a financial advisor in a digital age

What you should expect from a financial advisor in a digital age

In the digital age, your financial advisor should be able to give you more value than just management of your portfolio. The digital elements of finance should be simplified so that they are easier to understand and make organising your finances a simpler process.

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In addition to managing portfolios, a financial advisor should be able to make full sense of all the data and documents, along with key tasks and other burdens. They should provide financial planning that makes your money work harder in the digital age.

Customised options

Your financial advisor should customise your options so that you receive a personalised finance plan. Young investors usually want to see strong growth and budget management advice, while older investors will want to plan their money for their retirement. For investors looking to DIY their investments, they might want an expert to oversee their activities.

Sometimes clients want to communicate using technology such as video conferences. Financial advisors can offer various customised options such as tailored asset management vehicles, from personal advice to automated platforms that work best for your financial needs and personal situation.

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Financial technology should be simple but often it doesn’t seem that way. User-friendly tech is important but often the tools are difficult to use or complicated to understand. Your financial advisor should be able to provide tech tools that work well and are simple.

You should be able to check your account easily and quickly and also check your investment portfolio with the click of a button. This chance to view all assets and do everything from one platform is an advantage of the digital age. Software for IFAs, such as that provided by www.intelliflo.com and other similar software experts, should help to simplify finances, not create more work for IFAs or their clients.

Long-term strategy

Your financial advisor should always have one eye on the bigger picture. As you go through life your financial needs change and your financial advisor should be on top of that with continuous alterations to your portfolio. As you move from wanting budgeting advice to wanting strength in growth and to build your retirement plans, your financial technology needs to be flexible. A good financial advisor will show you how to use the right tools for your needs.