All you need to know about wedding vows

All you need to know about wedding vows

All you need to know about wedding vows. Among the many phrases for marriage that you will hear during your special day, there are some that will mark the transition from your condition of celibacy and a new life together as spouses: call them wedding vows or promises of marriag.,Those words are really fundamental. In fact, they will be the most sincere romantic phrases that you will address as husband and wife, wearing the wedding dress and that of a groom, in a magical moment that will make you forget all worries.

What are the wedding vows?All you need to know about wedding vows

You will pronounce them when you are near the altar or in the presence of the celebrant of your civil wedding, just before exchanging the faiths in your splendid wedding and men’s formal attire: the wedding vows are an interaction between you and the celebrant of your marriage. At first, the words will be spoken by the priest or the registrar, then you will have to answer his questions. That’s right, it’s about the famous “Yes, I want it” so often mentioned in the films, but today it has taken slightly different formulas.

Differences in votes between civil and religious marriagesAll you need to know about wedding vows

As mentioned, wedding vows are an essential moment of all the wedding, whether it is a civil or religious ceremony. In the latter it is possible to choose between three different formulas of phrases for promises of marriage : In fact the wedding bridal matrimony are constituted by the moment of the consensus (the first formula foresees the incipit “I welcome you”, While the two others are followed by the classic “yes, I want it”).

With regard to civil marriage, the votes can be personalized, provided that the reading of the articles of the Civil Code cannot be changed. For example, you can agree with the celebrant for a particular introduction or ask him to read a poem of your choice before he starts reading article 143 (Rights and reciprocal duties of spouses), article 144 (Address of family life and residence of the family . And Article towards children). Any poetry or reading that you wish to share with your partner, will be inserted before or after this important passage, as well as a possible emphasizing ceremony marriage like that of rose, sand or light, for example.

Why are they important?All you need to know about wedding vows

In fact, the wedding vows as we know them today are an important legacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed in Paris in 194. Which states that “marriage can be concluded only with the free and full consent of the future spouses”. For this reason, marriage vows are fundamental to what they represent, both legal and emotional. The promises that you will exchange on your wedding day. In fact, are the most beautiful phrases of love that you can pronounce in your life, as they are unique and unrepeatable (even if you can freely renew them from year to year, alone or with a group of loved ones who act as witnesses of your sentences for a wedding anniversary ).