Five Advantages of Spiral Ductwork

Five Advantages of Spiral Ductwork

Attractive New Type of Feature

Exposed spiral ductwork is an up-and-coming artistic feature of modern spaces. Cafes, restaurants and shops are moving toward this creative contemporary look to make their premises aesthetically pleasing for customers. The move toward spiral ductwork is not only a positive trend, but it’s also practical as it delivers a range of advantages, including saving on energy costs.

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Firstly, it’s relatively inexpensive, with the installation process costing up to 50 per cent less than that of a rectangular duct. It’s therefore a good choice for proprietors who want to create an industrial feel while also saving on start-up costs.

There is also less air leakage, which can be an additional bonus. Leakage at joints can lead to energy loss and less efficiency. When leaks are almost eliminated, the cost of distributing the conditioned air is kept to a minimum.

It’s a myth that spiral ductwork requires plenty of added space. With rectangular ducts, more space, often up to three inches, is required for the reinforcements at each joint. This is not necessary to factor in when installing spiral ductwork.

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Regular Cleaning Should Be Carried Out on the Spiral Duct

Spiral ductwork is much easier to keep clean. And consideration should also be given to having the ductwork regularly cleaned to keep it energy-efficient and to maintain high air quality. Cleaning methods are readily available and are given the seal of approval by the professionals.

Spiral ductwork emits less noise than its rivals, which can only be good for business. The specific design of the ductwork enables the pressure to be equalised as the air travels through the ducts. This means better energy-efficiency, and it creates a reduction in the noise that filters from reverberated air pressure.

Exposed ductwork is a relatively new phenomenon according to The News, and small businesses are warming up to the ‘industrial’ and spacious look, as are contractors. The product can be obtained from various suppliers, including

Sleek lines, painted brickwork and spiral ducts are the main ingredients which make up a quality modern space. So if proprietors are serious about giving their cafés, restaurants, offices or shops an up-to-date vibe with soaring ceilings, then spiral ductwork should be on the agenda to make the look aesthetically complete.