Things to consider during your wedding meal taster

Things to consider during your wedding meal taster

Planning a wedding isn’t all hard work. There is fun to be had and one of the most enjoyable parts if the menu tasting. Not only will you get to feed your belly with top-class cuisine but get some great ideas about how to customise your wedding day menu in exciting and delicious ways. Here are the best things to know before you sample your wedding menu options:

Keep an open mind

Always be willing to try new things and think outside the box. It could be that you try something you’d never thought of and it turns out to be just the thing you were looking for. If you like something, go with it. Everyone has tried salad and prawn cocktail, so introduce something new and exciting on your wedding menu.

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Don’t forget the timeframe

Think of the timing of the day and have the right food at hand at the right times and in the right places. Work closely with your venue on these logistical elements. For a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue, visit 

Avoid tasting food outside your budget

Understand your budget before you attend a tasting session and don’t waste your time trying things you cannot afford. It will only lead to frustration, possible arguments and stress, so there’s no need to go there at all. Don’t be tempted.

Consider chicken

Chicken is often avoided as it’s viewed as too common and a bit of a cliché. However, it could be that you stumble across an amazing chicken dish that you love and think your guests will too. Chicken is often cheaper, leaving more of your budget to splash on other food or drink items and everyone loves chicken, right?

What atmosphere are you aiming for?

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create for your guests? You might think that plating up is too formal, but your guests might find it more pleasant to be served rather than getting up to a self-serve buffet. Food stations are good fun but think of the logistics in the room if you have hundreds of guests! Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

Personalise your menu

It need only be a small detail but having something uniquely personal is a great touch. Perhaps it could be a speciality cocktail or a snack you both love served as an hors d’oeuvre for example.

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Know that you won’t please every guest

Don’t get upset if not every guest agrees with your food choices. Opinions and tastes vary greatly but as long as you have a good variety on offer, you’ve done your best and that’s ok. You’re paying for it and you’re your day so don’t be deterred or made to change your mind.

Communicate well with your venue or caterer

Don’t be afraid to say how you feel or what you think about certain things. Your opinion is important, so don’t worry about offending the chef. By being clear and communicating what’s good and what’s not, everyone can work together in getting the perfect menu for your big day.