How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

Soon the cold will come, you need to warm yourself! A beautiful cozy sweater with jeans is a beautiful, but, alas, somewhat banal combination. Let’s experiment, combining a sweater with a skirt to get a sexy bow in cool weather. By the way, French women succeeded in creating such tandems, who can combine seemingly completely incompatible things. So, with what skirts you can wear a sweater?

Mix knitted sweater with a skirt – not news. Fashion designers love this combination, and on shows, such a tandem is far from uncommon. This combination should be tried at least once. If you like the tandem, you will again and again experiment, the benefit of the options is more than enough.

You do not have to invent anything. Look at possible variations, select accessories, develop your own strokes and details. The real trend is a combination of an air skirt and a rough, bear-knitted sweater. But nobody canceled the classics either.

Big sweater with a long skirt

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

Women of fashion combined oversized sweaters with skirts to toe and did not lose. It turned out a feminine, unusual and unusual image. This solution is perfect for skinny girls because of the bulk of things visually full. The skirt can be made of dense or light material (silk, chiffon). Elegant shoes with this outfit are not combined. The rougher the better. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

Short skirt sweater

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

Not long coarse-knit sweater is the best solution for a combination with a short skirt. Choice of shoes freer than in the first case. These can be classic boots, ankle boots or sneakers. By the way, the combination of ankle boots + leggings looks boring and non-standard.

A short sweater with a pencil skirt looks quite organic.

Skirts with long sweaters

A short skirt, slightly peeking out from under a long sweater, is a fairly common ensemble. A skirt with a long sweater is a unique opportunity to feel you as a designer and stylist, not worse than connoisseurs sitting in a “fashionable sentence”. Large grunge sweaters or coarsely related things are combined with short skirts. From the same series of dress-sweater with a skirt.

At the height of fashion grandmothers samovyazy with classic or complex Irish patterns, braids. Under them look equally adequately skirts of dense and light matter.

High waist skirt, loose sweater

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

This is a classic tandem. It is desirable that the skirt was made of dense material. For example, a loose sweater with a leather skirt looks luxurious. Wool, knitwear, and denim also look pretty decent. Wear a sweater style as desired. This may be something shocking, too voluminous, and you can restrict yourself to reserved classics.

Whether to fill a sweater in a skirt?

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

Conservatives are horrified, stating that it looks untidy. But we have completely different tasks, right? Break stereotypes! Moreover, judging by the fashion shows, it is quite possible and looks good. The optimal length of the skirt for this option – midi.

Create an image with a strap

Have you had to “walk” things more than once? It does not matter – with just one accessory you can create a completely new image. Add a strap to the duet skirts and sweaters and get a fundamentally new, unusual outfit. Ideally, if there are several such accessories.

What sweaters to wear with a pencil skirt

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

The combination of diverse things in the image is not always rebellious. An elegant pencil skirt with a slinky sweater, a clutch bag, and elegant shoes are a wonderful ensemble. Warm, practical and beautiful. As they say, “both in a feast and in the world”. A white sweater with a skirt of a dark shade – what is not an office style (if, of course, the dress code is not very fierce)?

Knitted sweaters and skirts

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

The well-known Polish proverb “Tso zadto, it is not healthy” (everything needs a measure) here works only partially. Of course, pyshechekam can not even dream of such a combination, but for the slender young lady, why not. The outfit is not just charming, but also unusually comfortable.

Cropped sweater with a full skirt

How To Wear A Sweater With A Skirt?

This ensemble is striking precisely for its singularity. The image is naughty, elegant and flirty. The length of the skirt can be any, but the sweater will certainly need to choose a shortened one. Such wear a sweater with a tutu skirt looks very nice. If the skirt is made of airy tulle, then it will look pretty ridiculous with a thick knitted product. Much more interesting look thin knitwear with lurex thread.

Sweater with a pleated skirt

This ensemble has long caught on in the wardrobe of fashion. Long pleated skirts with volumetric top look beautiful. Pleats of medium length look great with classic models.

How to wear a sweater with a skirt. Some basic tips:

  • For girls with wide shoulders and narrow hips, a product with a cape neckline is suitable, and it is desirable that the top be darker than the bottom. Cut in the form of a cape will suit even young ladies with a magnificent bust.
  • Ladies with the figure of “pear”, on the contrary, a sweater should be chosen lighter than the bottom. Looks good with a belt.
  • A strict sweater and feminine skirt is a great duet.
  • The monochrome bottom is combined with bright sweaters, fancy prints. In the same way, the low-key sweater looks great with a bright unusual skirt. For example, a black sweater with a skirt decorated with prints or an unusual shade.

As you can see, you can come up with different images: from the classically elegant to the teen-saucy. Styles are different. The only thing you can not argue with is the fact that wear a sweater with a skirt goes perfectly together!