What are the benefits to loft insulation?

What are the benefits to loft insulation?

Is it a wise move to insulate your loft? Can you afford to cut corners or even not bother? Well, here are some compelling reasons why homeowners should seriously consider installing loft insulation.

  1. Energy Bills

As energy bills rise for everyone, you might be considering making some changes to save money on heating your home. Loft insulation can help a property to become more energy efficient. Spray foam is recommended as it fills even the smallest crevices so no cold air can creep in, including pests! Insulating a loft is a great way to keep a home warm throughout the winter which will save money on heating bills. For downlights in the loft, consider using Downlight Covers. What is a downlight cover? It is a cover that helps to block out draughts from lighting installations.

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  1. Sustainability

If you’re looking to be greener all round, loft insulation helps you to reduce the amount of heating your home needs, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. A home can reduce its carbon dioxide by between 500 and 1000kg per year by doing this, making a property much more environmentally friendly.

  1. Reduce noise

If you live in a busy area, you’ll discover that an additional benefit to loft insulation is a reduction in noise pollution from outside. If you dream of a quieter, more peaceful home, then consider insulating your loft to enjoy this benefit.

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  1. Increase value

A great benefit to loft insulation is that it will instantly improve a property’s energy performance rating which in turn, can increase the value of your property should you decide to sell in the future.

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