What if I drink too much tea

What if I drink too much tea

Tea lovers can drink too much tea to a day, but this well-being drink, with it’s thousand and one virtues, can, if it is abused, be harmful to the body … Explanations.

“Drink too much tea” means what?drink too much tea

Although tea has an excellent reputation around the world for centuries, it can, just like coffee, but to a lesser extent, have health consequences.

Theine, contained in tea, is caffeine in 3 times less concentrated, the effects are less marked. However, if the coffee is rapidly removed (in about 3 hours), the tea’s elimination time is longer (about 5 to 6 hours), the theine being “released” more gradually in the body. Drink too much tea is not good for health.

Like coffee, everything depends on the sensitivity of each. Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, the Nutritionist Physician, reminds everyone that tea consumption must be limited. The specialist advises to be satisfied with 3 cups of tea a day and to space them meals of at least one hour.

Drinking a cup of tea an hour before a meal, for example, increases the feeling of satiety … And therefore less eating!

The rest of the day, in the evening, especially, prefer tea without theine like rooibos, or herbal teas with verbena, linden, allies for relaxation and sleep.

Attention to anemiadrink too much tea

The iron is one of the trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the body and general health. Present in the red blood corpuscles, the iron could see its disturbed assimilation, in case of excessive consumption of tea. Too much tea would tend to block the absorption of iron by the body. Drink too much tea is not good for health.

Drinking too much tea every day can increase the risk of iron deficiency, called iron deficiency anemia. This iron deficiency is characterized by abnormal fatigue, paleness, headaches, dizziness …

Consequences on the oral spheredrink too much tea

Tannin, a plant-based substance present in tea, has a tendency to color teeth and may be the cause of yellow teeth. Indeed, consumed too much, tea, especially black tea (which has undergone a strong oxidation), can abrade the tooth enamel. Hence the importance of good teeth washing (or at least, rinse your mouth with water), after drinking a cup of tea to remove deposits in the mouth.

But also, and above all, many virtues on health

Tea does not have the bad side, quite the contrary! It has many virtues, on health, as well as on well-being. Previous studies have already proven for example the action of certain types of teas on cholesterol. And therefore, on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Drink too much tea is not good for health.

At the transit level, too, tea generally has a positive effect: thanks to the water that hydrates the body. And tea compounds, this drink helps to fluidify digestion and has diuretic properties.

Also, the advantage of tea, be it green, black, white or other, is that it is an alternative to still water to hydrate. In people who do not drink enough daily.

Watch the brewing time to enjoy the benefitsdrink too much tea

Not only is the preparation of tea a pleasant ritual and “well-being”. But it is also very important if one wants to enjoy the benefits of this drink.

Indeed, respecting the infusion time (neither too much nor too little), which is usually about 3 minutes, allows to let it infuse enough to enjoy the virtues of tea.

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