7 Shoes for short girls who want to ‘grow’ a few more centimeters

7 Shoes for short girls who want to ‘grow’ a few more centimeters

Petite women usually do everything to look taller and the best weapon is a pair of heels. It’s not that their height bothers them, just sometimes being small does not help them in an appointment or a work meeting. That is why they resort to the best weapon of all: heels. Here are some tricks to shoes for short girls.

Beautiful, simple and indispensable, here are the best shoes to wear according to your height and, of course, which ones you should never use.

Shoes for short girls

1. Forget shoes without a platformShoes for short girls

Although the flats are low shoes, it is worth mentioning that it is a casual option to wear, but when they are completely flat, that is, without a thick sole or heel, they cause more tiredness when walking, they damage your back and make your short stature more evident. Choose ballerinas with a thick sole or those with a small, thick heel. It is the best trick to chose shoes for short girls.

2. Say goodbye to children’s designsShoes for short girls

Round toe shoes are prohibited. The idea is to buy shoes and ballerinas that end in the tip, the effect is so subtle that you will not notice it, but the small and sharp tip lengthens your legs.

3. Do not you dare wear shoes with braceletsShoes for short girls

Shoes with bracelets on the ankles are the worst alternative for short girls. The purpose of the bracelet is to give comfort, but this only shortens the size of your legs.  It is the best trick to chose shoes for short girls.

4. Say “yes” to the bootiesShoes for short girls

There are in different designs and colors, the best thing you can do when buying some is to use neutral colors, this way you can combine them with stockings of the same color, creating the optical illusion of more height.

5. Fill your wedge closetShoes for short girls

The wedges are ideal for parties in the garden, beach or to combine with flowered and casual dresses. The best thing about them is their comfort and practicality.

6. Give a chic touch to your style with a pair of pumpsShoes for short girls

Tall, sexy and wonderful. The best of the pumps is its great height, made with a platform that makes your foot does not suffer. This type of heel will make you look much taller and can be combined with the most casual outfits with the most elegant.  It is one of the best tricks to chose shoes for short girls.

7. Combine your outfits with stilettosShoes for short girls

Take advantage of the various colors that are in this type of shoes so you can combine them with any of your outfits. They are of an accessible height, perfect for short women.  It is the best trick to chose shoes for short girls.