Tips for fabulous dress in Winter

Tips for fabulous dress in Winter

Fabulous dress in Winter-Day of Kings is tomorrow! What a beautiful day to eat rich and celebrate it with all your loved ones! I remember when I was little, waiting anxiously to see that the Magi brought me, and although it was a small detail.

Yesterday I went to Penney  I really had nothing in mind that buying my family was just walking through the store and I was slowly finding something that would remind me of each of them .

I got my brother some very warm sweatpants ! He is doing his mastery and there is nothing more comfortable for the uni than some joggers like these! I am sure you will use them even to do errands once the classes are finished!

I decided to give my dad a warm jacket because he will soon be traveling to a place where it is very cold. As I know it is a garment that will be used a lot I made sure it is from a very good brand like Columbia that like other brands known as Nike and Adidas are obtained at excellent prices at JCPenney.

My mom to be very flirtatious I decided to go for a comfortable dress and warm at the same time and I found this Project Runway that thanks to the knot that has, will accentuate the waist even more.

To my sister I found this beautiful soft shirt with bell sleeves, they are very fashionable and the tone “old rose” gives a very delicate touch. I’m sure he will love it.

Last but not least, I bought some stockings above my knees to my roommate. We are both obsessed with this type of stockings as they not only wrap but are very fashionable!

Style to fabulous dress in Winter

fabulous dress in Winter

Use layers!

Do not forget to use your favorite look because it will get cold, add an extra layer below as thermal socks and go!

Do not stop wearing dresses

Dresses are comfortable for all seasons, and although we are afraid to wear them in winter, there’s no need! Wear leather leggings (synthetic) with closed heels or boots and you’ll see spectacular

High stockings!

The high socks not only shelter, they can also make any look! You can create layers with nylon stockings, high socks and some boots just below the knees and believe me you will turn glances!

Outfits with woven fabulous dress for winter

What piece of clothing is better than a woven coat that are so elegant, flirty and also that keep us warm so we can withstand low temperatures? Well, a woven dress ! A slightly longer coat that you can use as one piece!

Check out these fabulous outfits with woven dresses for the winter of 2018-19, they are the latest fashions and they are melting the snow in the streets for being so flirtatious and looking great. Combine them with some boots, a hat or beanie and you will be spectacular.

Here are 10 fabulous dress in Winter

best fabulous dress in Winter

You think that winter is just to wear coats and pants, because you’re wrong, you can also wear winter dresses, discover what are the fashion trends, also combine them with  autumn – winter shoes  and look amazing.


Do not be scared to hear this trend , we know that aesthetics tells us that something disproportionate is not beautiful, but winter dresses look fantastic, a dress with one sleeve or with spikes that fall in different lengths are the most fashionable .

 Pencil Silhouette

Remember that one of the must have of the 2011 winter fashion was the pencil skirts, and that’s why now the winter dresses with this silhouette are one of the most elegant and flattering for all body types.

Dresses with Lazaro

The bows or thick ribbons are the perfect accessory to decorate your winter dresses, forget about the rough belt and wear a feminine bow around the waist to frame it and highlight your curves.

Geometric prints

Another of the hottest prints for winter dresses are figures or geometric shapes. Do not forget the rule: the size of the geometric figures is according to your proportion.

Polka dot print

One of the star prints of the season are the polka dots, if you are very thin and high opts for large and flashy polka dots to give volume to your body , on the contrary if you have curves, use small and discreet polka dots in your winter dresses.

Gothic Vintage Fashion

If you are someone who likes black and velvet, now is when to wear one of the beautiful and elegant winter dresses with Gothic and romantic airs, do not forget to use one of the fashionable bags to look fabulous.

50’s and 70’s

You consider yourself an “old-fashioned” woman who still keeps her retro dresses from decades ago, as she takes advantage of the fact that they are now a hit in the fashion of winter dresses, put on that flirtatious dress from the 50’s or 70’s.

Animal Print

If you love being the queen of the jungle, you can still use the animal prints that have become a must have, but if you want to look even more chic and refined, wear them in your winter dresses only as small details.


Did you think that collage was a thing of the school, nothing else, then no, now it is one of the most chic trends, the winter dresses are made with the mixture of different prints, fabrics, and colors.

Color Block

Are collage style winter dresses not your style ?, Do not worry, if you are more neat and simple, we recommend the Color Block, combine them with some leggings and a jacket of another color to give life and a fun touch to your look.

Outfit fabulous dress in Winter

discover fabulous dress in Winter

Personally I love the winter because it is just this season when we can get out of the darkest of our closet, all those items that remained hidden throughout the year.

Today I want to give you some tips that you can apply super well for those cold days that will make you look very beautiful and with great personality in your style.

If black is your thing, use it all you want and raise the outfit even more by using golden accessories.

Fabulous wedding dress in winter

top fabulous dress in Winter

To inform yourself about these dresses, you must continue reading this article. Absolutely all models of

fabulous wedding dresses for winter , are really elegant and it suits all brides.

Always sticks in mind that these models dressed bride , are mainly for brides who marry in the winter season. The weddings that take place in the winter season are elegant and very solemn, especially a type of party where you must wear a super elegant dress.

To buy the perfect wedding dress , it is essential that you bear in mind the following:

  • Time and date of the wedding.
  • Place of the wedding
  • type of wedding.

In addition, it is very important to remind you that in the winter season it is cold and therefore, you should always opt for a long dress with sleeves and that is made of warm fabrics.

Especially a wedding is a party where everything must be happiness, both the bride and the guests have to wear their best outfit. The bride, the guests and the bridesmaids should always wear dresses that are pleasing to the eye. The dress that should stand out before all is from the bride and therefore, the others must wear dresses very different from the bride.

However, choosing the wedding dress is not very complicated as it seems. In the winter season we have the possibility to find many models of fabulous  wedding dresses and there is something for all tastes.