Exploring Nature in the Autumn and Winter

Although the weather outside isn’t sunny and warm, in the winter there is plenty to see in the natural world! Wrap up warm in waterproofs, an Irish cap like this https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-clothing/irish-flat-caps to keep the head warm, and a pair of wellies or waterproof walking boots – then get out and  look for some of the sights that you can only see during the winter months…

Nocturnal Wildlife – Take advantage of the longer hours of darkness to look out for wildlife that you might not ordinarily see. Birds like owls that can be spotted hunting at dawn and dusk are something to look out for, as well as crepuscular and nocturnal animals like bats and if you are by a river even the elusive otter.

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Mushrooms and Fungi – This is a good time of the year to look at all the varieties of mushrooms that appear in the woodlands. From the fairy tale mushroom fly agaric to the delicious parasol mushroom and the more unusual king Alfred’s cakes – which also double up as a handy firelighter if you are camping! The woodland fungi are an important part of the ecosystem, helping to clean up and also forming a tree communication network.

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Plants and Trees – The plant world is giving up its bounty at this time of year that has been growing since the spring and throughout the summer. Keep an eye out for the nuts and fruits from various trees and shrubs, some of which are excellent ingredients for homemade jams and preserves!

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