Such different halves: how to learn to spend a weekend together

Such different halves: how to learn to spend a weekend together

How to learn to spend a weekend together– In a pair there can be two very similar people, but in some ways they will still be different. However, when a man and a woman start relationships, they think about the priority combinations in which a joint holiday plays, although not the last, but not the first role. The main thing is not to go with the flow and pay due attention to work on yourself, over your mistakes and act to correct the situation.

Again at the cottage? Boring … “If you have already heard such phrases from your child, take urgent measures to diversify your family weekend together. Dacha and barbecue, and again barbecue and summer cottage – for many of us, summer entertainment is limited. In fact, it’s quite easy to make a vacation bright and memorable for all members of the family. Here are some original ideas from American parents who can become a good tradition of your family.

Tips to help you learn how to spend a wonderful weekend together:

Determine if you like to plan your vacation in advance or do everything spontaneously.

spend a weekend together

Find out from the man whether he is ready for the format that you propose. If opinions diverge, then it is possible to plan the events in advance without going into details. Improvisation is a great way to revitalize relationships and awaken the desire to spend more time together. Choosing a format for rest is the basis for planning leisure.


learn to spend a weekend together

Calculate about the amount of time that you have enough to relax with a guy. One couple of hours is enough, but others do not. Hence, there are grievances and the realization that resting together is not comfortable. Ask your chosen one how much time he expects. Pr-arrange, you will walk all day, night, or leisure will take several hours.

Discuss financial issues.

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Men are afraid that they will not have enough money for walks, visits to different places, the purchase of delicacies and so on. Do not forget that he hardly admits this! Hence the tension and unwillingness of a partner to go somewhere, resistance, bad mood. In advance, correctly ask how things are on the financial front and whether next time you can afford to visit some places. Often in pairs there are situations when the guy has financial problems, and the girl expects that he will pay everything. She is waiting for the weekend, and he thinks out how to “Mazatlan” from the meeting. Itself you know, this situation only pushes you apart and makes a joint holiday very difficult.

Compare the hobbies

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Even in the most varied interests, one can find much in common. He loves football, but you do not? Go to the match in the pub or billiard complex. And you will have fun, and he. You like to travel, but he refuses to walk much, think about routes, is nervous because of problems with lack of information in another city? Buy an inexpensive excursion. Men rarely love traveling, which bring them trouble. You will be brought by bus, where necessary, and then taken out on schedule. Caring is a zero! It remains only to enjoy a joint pastime.

Picnics, going to the movies, traveling, sightseeing, watching movies at home are not expensive, but like almost everyone. The main emphasis is on organization and convenience for each of you. If in a thought-out event there are moments that one of the partners is very embarrassing, it is better to think of something else. Discomfort only inflames the situation and repels the lovers from each other. The main thing is a successful search for common interests and a successful combination of these.

Organize family Olympic Games

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Instead of boring all kebabs can be arranged at the dacha family Olympics, inviting to participate all relatives or another friendly family with children. The choice of competition is limited only by your imagination and physical abilities – from running in bags on a cross-country countryside and arm-wrestling among grandmothers to high-speed strawberry picking. Such competitions can be arranged every year or, like a real Olympics, every few years.

Collect an album of summer memories

how to learn to spend a weekend together

Arrange with the children that during the whole summer you will collect in the album or folder pleasant little things that will then remind you of the holidays . Everything will come in handy: dried flowers collected during a forest walk, a ticket to a favorite movie, pebbles from the sea coast. Treasures do not even need to be beautifully decorated (although this, of course, is welcome). The main thing is that later you will be able to sort through these things, and with them – good memories of the summer.

Make vacation photos

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“Parade” photo shoots today no one is surprised, but if you every year shoot your family in the same place (for example, in front of a blooming bush of dog rose next to the house), or on the same day, or in the same clothes (say , the whole family – in white T-shirts and jeans) is already a tradition. As an option: you can remove all family members in funny paper caps, or arrange a photo session under a warm summer rain. In any case, a few cheerful minutes and warm memories are guaranteed to you.

Arrange a Day of Great Disconnect

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Try to spend the whole family at least one day (or even better – the whole weekend together ) without gadgets ! Can not imagine how this is possible? And you take the risk: turn off the mobile phones (in advance warning about this exciting grandmothers), pull out the TV antenna, move away the tablets and go with the children to the park or to a picnic. And in the evening, play board games, drink tea with pies and read books – as our grandmothers did in the per-TV era. You can not imagine how much time you will free to communicate with your children and how interesting to spend with them this long day!

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