5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

They are a basic garment and even so many men do not know how to combine it. In your store to buy branded clothing online we want to help you create 5 styles to wear polo shirts. In addition, we will give you some variations of each look and tips to wear at any time of the year.

Recommendations to wear polo shirts with style

Polo shirts were born as a sports garment and now they accompany us on a daily basis. Especially men, who can create very, varied styles with this garment. They are comfortable, perfect for any casual look. They can even be worn with more refined clothing, without going formal.

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

Within dress clothes, for men’s polo shirts they are among the most versatile. However, there are many questions about how to use them well. In this post, we will give you a brief guide to clarify the most common doubts. In addition, we will accompany you with the infographic of Real Men Real Style so that the different styles are better illustrated.

Let’s start with some basic tips to wear this type of shirt.

Wear polo shirt better than a shirt?

The dress shirts for men are synonymous with elegance and give a touch of distinction. With the right combination, they can be used on almost any occasion. But, for the moments where you need more comfort, the poles are ideal.

Use them to get sporty or casual styles. They will serve you to go for a walk to the park, a dinner with friends or a special outing that is not formal. However, you should not use them to go to an elegant event.

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

What colors to use?

You will find these t-shirts in all colors, but it does not mean that they will all look good on you. The basics are white, black, gray and navy blue. All of these are easy to coordinate with other men’s clothing. What you have to take care of is that the bottom part is not the same color.

Depending on the tone of your skin will be better one or other colors. Light skins, gray, brown, beige and navy blue are better for light skins.

If your skin is dark, the light shades of blue, gray look good, as well as white. Avoid using black or very dark poles because it will not stand out. It is possible to wear this garment in bright colors, as long as you combine them with black or white clothes.

Brown skins are good for salmon, navy blue, turquoise, and soft tones of pink, yellow and green.

Pants and shoes to combine polo

Wear polo shirts dress well with any type of pants. They can be Chinese, linen, gabardine or shorts. Everything will depend on the look you want to wear and what you want to convey with your clothes.

If you are going to wear linen dress pants, the idea is to wear a garment on the pole. It can be a jacket, a blazer or a raincoat. The strap and the type of shoes you choose will complete the look.

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

Jeans are perfect companions for wear polo shirts. It does not matter if you want a more relaxed image or look for something more classic. There is always a way to combine these two garments.

As for the shoes, it also depends on the outfit you wear. You can wear loafers, loafers, derbies, boots or footwear style sailor. What you should avoid is to use them with formal shoes, because it does not fit with these shirts.

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Are they worn outside or inside the pants?

Among the most frequent doubts about how to wear a polo is whether they should be worn inside or outside the pants. First, it depends on the cut of the shirt. There are brands that have slim fit options, which fit the body and look good if you wear them on the outside.

Others are long enough to fit inside the pants. In this case, they should always be accompanied by a belt.

The two details in which you have to set to make this decision are the size and length of the shirt. It has to be the right size for you, if it’s too big it will look bad. On the other hand, if the pole is short, do not put it inside the pants, because the edges will end up coming off.

5 styles to wear polo shirts

From a sporty style to a more classic and formal look are possible with a polo shirt. Here are five ways to combine them.

1. Dress in layers with polo

We usually associate wear polo shirts with summer and sports. But the right accessories will also allow you to carry them during the cold months. The key is, as always, to dress in layers and add accessories such as scarves and scarves.

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

The basic things you need to put together this look, besides the shirt, are jeans, cardigan, belt, and some loafers. Instead of the cardigan, you can use an aviator jacket for a slightly sportier style.

However, if the temperature starts to drop more, add a vest under the cardigan and go.

If you want to stand out, put on a trench coat over the polo shirt, with some chinos or wool dress pants. Add derby shoes and a hat. If, on the other hand, you want something simpler and not very cold, a V-neck sweater is enough.

2. Get a stronger look

Do you like the classic while still noticing your presence where you go? This may be the alternative you are looking for. Combine the shirt with a herringbone jacket, boots, and jeans.

The herringbone is a type of jacket that has a particular fabric. Like a braided herringbone (it has a V shape).

This is a way to give a more elegant look to the layered look. You can only use the jacket with the polo. Or you can add other clothes to give even more style to your appearance.

For example, you can add an intermediate layer with a braided sweater. And complete with some chinos instead of wearing denim.

With a look like that, you can go to work in an environment that is not formal. One of the keys of this style is to play with the contrasts of color and texture in the clothes. You could also use it to dress up at Valentine’s Day dinner with your partner.

3. Casual style

There are those who reject the possibility of wearing dress suits for men with a polo. However, you can get the casual style you are looking for if you know how to combine your clothes.

Always keep in mind that polo is a shirt especially sport. You can make it look more elegant, but do not wear it with a formal suit. Then for that casual look, choose a suit in light colors, such as gray and a pole in a darker tone, it can be navy blue.

For shoes, you can wear loafers or loafers. If you want to add more personality and the occasion allows you, use canvas shoes.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more refined, reverse the trend of colors. That is a darker suit and a white polo shirt. The suit can be navy blue. Complete with brown leather shoes, derby style.

4. Causal style for summer

For a more summery style, wear chinos that contrast with polo. That is, if the part underneath your outfit is dark, the part underneath that is clear and vice versa.

Get a comfortable and relaxed style with jeans. But if you want to give a touch a little more elegant, wear chinos. These types of pants are also very good with these shirts and you can achieve very striking outfits with them.

The high temperatures of this season will allow you to wear shoes without a stocking. Once again the loafers are ideal, but you can also use those that are sailor type. If you prefer something more comfortable, because you will walk diligently, you can use some sports.

5 Styles to Wear Polo Shirts

5. Sports look

This is perhaps the style where you can get more creative to use your poles. The basic garments are shorts and shoes that you can wear without socks, like sailors.

Many men usually wear this style when summer comes. However, that does not mean that everyone goes the same. A classic combination would be khaki pants with a white shirt. If you want you can complete with a hat and glasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Create contrasts between the items you are going to use. The shorts will give you the opportunity to play more with the colors. They do not have to be always of a single tone, you can also use prints as the pictures and there are even with flowers.

If closed shoes bother you, you can also choose wool or leather sandals. Canvas espadrilles are also a valid alternative for this outfit.

There are many ways to wear polo shirts. And as you have seen, you can use them at any time of the year. Learn to combine them and highlight each time you wear them.

What other styles to wear polo shirts you know? Tell us in the comments how you like to wear this garment.