Ways to Spruce up the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the room of the home that does it all. From the morning breakfast, to the washing, to the meal in the evening, a kitchen is a hard working room, and this often shows! If you are feeling that your kitchen is looking a little tired and could do with some help to improve it, here are some of the things that you can do…

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Improving the lighting in your kitchen is something that can make a big difference. Get rid of those old fashioned strip lights and use more modern LED lights and spotlights which can be put under cupboards too for a better view of surfaces. If you have a kitchen diner, lighting is also a great way to separate the space and use statement lighting to do so.

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Tiles in a kitchen can start to look a little dated, so this is a great way to spruce your kitchen up easily. Replace old tiles that are worse for wear with marble tiles from Irwin tiles for a more luxurious feel, or think about how you can use various colours and textures to add interest to the room.

Flooring is something else that can really improve the kitchen’s look. Good quality flooring that is easy to clean is something that you want in a kitchen. Make sure that what you choose is with practicality in mind, as this is one of those rooms of the house that will undoubtedly have its share of spillages!

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