Working in an ambulance as a Paramedic for the National Health Service

A Paramedic working in an ambulance for the National Health Service is a very specialised, rewarding but difficult position to be able to thrive in. This career path choice must be considered carefully because it entails long hours, is emotionally and physically draining, presents difficult challenges on a daily basis and requires the candidate to have many different life skills.  Have great communication and listening skills, a genuine empathy and understanding of people, an overhaul knowledge of First Aid and have attended at least one Challenging behaviour course.  These elite courses are run by professional companies such as and will provide a potential Paramedic candidate with all the skills needed to help and distract any one presenting Challenging behaviours.

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Paramedics working on a National Health Service ambulance usually work in teams of two and support each other while helping patients in difficult situations.  You will normally be the first emergency service to attend the scene of an accident so you will need to remain calm, assess the situation and medically assist any casualties. You will be using advanced equipment such as a defibrillator or ventilator and you will be required to administer emergency treatments and medications.

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Being able to work in a team is an essential part of this incredible position and having received thorough, professional training on all aspects of this very difficult but rewarding career choice you will be able to deal with any traumatic and emotional experience that comes your way.

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