Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

So in our country, it was said that everything is done backward, and even worse. This applies to the rights to drive. Instead of devoting enough time and effort to mastering traffic rules and driving skills, usually, the rights are simply bought. Therefore, it is quite true that specialists, and, in general, ordinary drivers equate such certificates with amateurs. Driving is taught, completely in different places – from friends, private traders, in specialized schools. Of course, this is uncritical, but still, accidents on the roads from this state of things do not decrease. One of the options may be courses of “extreme driving”. In addition to standard driving instruction in the road transport environment, these courses can give much more, and it is possible to save your life. These skills of contra-driving cannot be obtained independently, and they do not come with experience.

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

What are the courses of extreme driving?

They help to remove the psychological consequences and stress from an accident. It should be understood that normal driving in no way trains the speed of reaction under extreme conditions, the lack of which leads to an accident. Stress in the event of an accident does not provide an opportunity to form such an important experience, which in the future, perhaps, would help to avoid such incidents. In many cases, victims, regardless of driving experience, develop psychological barriers and fears of driving. One of the main tasks of the courses is to help people cope with these complexes.

Reduction of accidents on the roads. Many factors lead to an increased probability of accidents, among them: overcrowding of roads, low level of driving culture, high extreme driving speeds, and poor condition of the road surface. In the developed countries of the West, drivers are generally not given permission to operate the machine until they have passed all the stages of contravariant training. In our state, where corrupt schemes work without fail and teach driving by old methods, a high degree of safety in driving can only dream.

Procedure for opening a school

Stage one. Preparatory.

  • Preparation of a place for conducting field classes. Usually, they use asphalt polygon, the size of a football field. An abandoned airfield or an abandoned warehouse may also come up.
  • It is necessary to get cars, in quantity from 3 and more.
  • You need to invite a specialist with a driving experience of at least 5 years, which will train the group. A teacher from a driving school, or a former racing driver, may come up.
  • It will not be superfluous to arrange insurance.

Costs in the first stage do not include the cost of the car about 5000 thousand dollars.

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

Stage two. Preparation of the program of classes:

  • Training in high-speed taxiing on special simulators;
  • Detour and overcoming of obstacles;
  • Simulating situations with the disengagement of brakes and the impossibility of detour travel;
  • Course on safety, ways to prevent typical accidents on the roads;
  • Extreme avoidance of an accident;
  • The development of skills to control cars on slippery roads, exit from the drift of the car;
  • Emergency stop on a wet road;
  • Correct entry into the turn on the wet road, the passage of turns with a skid;
  • Sliding turn;
  • Exercise on the “police” turn, etc.

Stage three. Definition of the target audience.

  • Sports car owners with insufficient driving experience;
  • Owners of cars with psychological consequences after an accident;
  • People forced to constantly ride off-road;
  • Recent graduates of driving schools who simply would like to improve their driving skills.

Stage four. We are developing price policy.

It is necessary to analyze the state of this service sector in your city, to monitor prices and based on this information – to set certain prices for your services.

The cost of a theoretical course and practice on special simulators is $ 200. The duration of the lesson is from 10 hours, 5 or 6 days.

Practical training at the training ground – 500 dollars. Duration of the course is 5 days.

Also, it is necessary to remember about: depreciation charges and expenses for consumables. For each student, on average, one set of rubber will go. Subject to 20-30 active classes. These costs include the cost of gasoline, the work of a car mechanic, everyday maintenance, oil change, which together will cost $ 500.

A great advantage can be a high level of skills and acceptable service, as a satisfied customer is a grateful customer. Satisfied students themselves will share information about your courses. You can even save a little on renting an office.

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

Marketing strategy

The first option is to advertise in specialized stores selling auto parts. Advertising is aimed at customers of the store, who recently visited an accident, and came for repair or replacement of spare parts. After once, having been in extreme conditions on the road, a person understands how serious it is and is interested in passing such courses.

The second option, advertising in car showrooms. The store can use your courses to attract its customers. Buy a certificate for training and give it to the load to the machine being sold. This mutually beneficial cooperation requires three participants: a bank, a car dealership and an insurance company. They will pay for everything. The cost of the courses is compensated by a high interest on the loan. It turns out that when buying a car, the client receives an additional opportunity to learn extreme driving, which will guarantee its safety during emergency situations.

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

What is important to know about contraceptive training?

Despite the usefulness of contraceptive training, many are not serious about these studies. This is due to the fact that the necessary bills have not yet been drafted. Nevertheless, statistics show an increase in the number of students on average by 30%, and in large cities, even more than 80-100%.

What do extreme driving courses provide? All efforts are aimed at creating conditional reactions in the driver, on an extreme situation. When an accident occurs, the elaborated reflexes must do everything themselves, even before the driver realizes his actions. Such a system helps to save valuable time, which is a critical situation can save lives

Business Idea: Extreme Driving Courses

In order to develop such skills, it takes about 20-30 hours of training. During this time a person has to learn a lot of useful techniques that will allow him to instantly determine the best course of action in difficult traffic situations.

How is it possible in such a short time to learn so many skills? It’s all about emotional stress when driving. For five days of study, students lose about 8 kg of their weight, or even more. While driving to the test site, the number of heartbeats of the students is 140-160 times per minute. A lower frequency is not allowed since the effectiveness of training is lost. The driver needs to master 150 braking techniques, which he must remember with muscle memory, and not with the help of intellect.

It is noteworthy that earlier courses of extreme driving were intended only for professional racing drivers and a police officer. Now they are available to all comers. But first of all, I would like to see them beginner’s drivers, because they have an increased chance of getting into an accident.

Opening the courses on extreme driving you not only realize an interesting business idea, and you can create a very successful business.

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