Learn how to make cool wooden shelves

Learn how to make cool wooden shelves

If you’re thinking about how to redecorate and reorganize your things, maybe it’s time to put new wooden shelves in your home. We tell you some ideas that you can inspire.

In a house many objects accumulate, we look for the way to organize all those articles and sometimes we get mad because everything is messy. The wooden shelves are one of the most used options for keeping an organized house.

On the walls we find perfect surfaces to store all our things. We can place shelves, furniture, paintings and of course, shelves. We want to show you the best shelf ideas to give a modern, minimalist or rustic touch to your home.

The shelves can be your best allies to put in order all your accessories. They are also the ideal complement to decorate and give a more personal touch to the spaces of your home. They can even be used to divide rooms and different environments.

Different wooden shelves that you can find

Wooden shelves can be used to store your objects, in every room of the home; either the living room, the dining room, the bathroom or the kitchen.

Next, we tell you the ideas of wooden shelves that you can make in your house. It is very simple!

Shelves for the living room

make cool wooden shelves

  1. The most basic thing is to place wooden planks supported by brackets that support It will be the style of the wood, the squares and the size of the mantelpiece that will give us one or another sensation.
  2. You can also paste wood in geometric shapes; The hexagons that mimic a honeycomb are a great idea.
  3. If you have more than a few boxes of wood that you no longer use or have rescued old boxes of fruit, you can stack them so that you create a set that serves as a closet or a shelf. You will avoid making holes in the wall.
  4. Another idea in which you will not need to drill the wall will be to acquire a wooden board and place wooden shelves to set on that same plate. A simple and economical way to place any type of item you want.
  5. You can use old wooden beams and cover an entire wall with rustic shelves. You will get a distinctive touch and at the same time, your house will be much more organized.

Shelves for the bedroom

wooden shelves

  1. You can place fruit boxes on the wall, restore them and paint An original way to create a shoe rack or a closet on the wall.
  2. Not only can you place straight ledges, dare to explore and get a piece of wood that has a round finish. It will give a different touch to your bedroom.

Shelves for the bathroom

  1. In bathrooms with little space, you can place wooden boxes to store the items you use most. This way you will have them in hand and in order.
  2. Another option would be to hang a box with the help of a hook and a You could use both the inside and the surface of the box itself to place all your stuff. It is ideal because you will not have to drill the marble in the bathroom

wooden shelves

The shelves serve to make the most of the space available to us. Currently, the apartments or houses of new construction are not as big as years ago. For this reason, many times we are obliged to invent them to be able to effectively store all our things.

With this type of shelves, whichever you choose, you will not have a problem. In addition, the wood is very well inside a home, it is cozy and its care is not complicated.

You can also place shelves in the kitchen or in the garden. There is no problem where you put them as long as they do not bother you and help you maintain an organized, clean and neat home.

Go ahead and try some of these ideas to get more space at home, some ideal shelves, some simple to place and that will give you very good results.

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