The golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality!

The golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality!

The golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality! If to choose your wedding favors will be a matter of pure taste, for makeup the question is more subtle. There is no question of an objective decision but of the right mix of shapes and colors that highlight your strengths and is suitable to express your temperament. Are you more inclined to prefer natural makeup? Or do you have a more eccentric personality and do you want make-up to highlight all your sensuality? Let’s take a closer look at how the makeup can tune into the emotional waves of women and tell a lot about you, from the approach to others to the relationship with yourself.

I see makeup I can not seeThe golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality!

If you are a woman with a confident and determined personality and you love a soft look, do-it-yourself  make-up could do for you, even if it’s always better to ask first who knows more than you to go without fail and do not risky experiments. The make-up water and soap always adapt to the way you live the beauty, that’s why flipping through the catalog your attention has been captured by that simple wedding dress that is so surprisingly in line with your perception of beauty.

If this description corresponds to your personality, the most suitable trick provides for a few elements; black pencil can be enough for eyes and pastel lips, mascara (it must never be missing!) and powder to give a little more color to the face. Even if you love a light make-up, it is always preferable to wear a covering base to even out the complexion of the face and eliminate any imperfections. Keep reading Learning from the plastic surgery mistakes of others

Colors determined to express energyThe golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality!

For the most energetic and extravagant dreaming on their wedding day wearing a colorful wedding dress, the nuances you choose will say a lot about you: red, burgundy, and fuchsia. The lips, like a bouquet of flowers, are colored with bright nuances, you can use the classic lipstick to give a shiny effect or, alternatively, use the lip pencil of the same shade to have a more lasting effect. For the look, if you like to be the center of attention and love to express yourself, play with the eyeshadows creating original degrade shades that end, faded, almost right under the arch of the eyebrows.

Warm tones to be sensual at bestThe golden rule: choose make-up based on your personality!

If you care about your beauty and try to always remain young, a make-up suitable for seduction is suitable for you. Opt for colors like pink for goths and brown or red for lips. The mascara also has a fundamental importance because it opens the eye and captures the attention of the other party.

In case you are looking for a bridal makeup for brown eyes that highlights your face from the typical Mediterranean features, you can use a black pencil that also traces the pupil line or an eyeliner for a more precise cut, so intensify the gaze to express sensuality without being vulgar. Finally, an illuminating blush with rosy nuances on a brown base that creates a visible but light contrast.

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