The importance of a great party shirt

The planning of special events for birthdays can be stressful. Food, location, music, and guests are all important aspect of a successful birthday event. One factor that can definitely not be overlooked is the debut of a brand-new outfit, although of course not compulsory, showing up looking great is part of the fun for many people.

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This is partly why so many men resort to EJ Menswear for their party needs. Because what truly says “I’m older” than a brand new, sophisticated, and fresh look. Many men will opt for well-tailored trousers and a nice shirt for their celebrations. Mens designer shirts are a particularly suitable option as they can be dressed up or down, and often look great in photographs too. We recommend red for those eager to stand out, maroon for men who find it particularly flattering with their complexions and dark shirts for those who want to get a lot of wear out of their designer items. Collared shirts are definitely more suitable for fancier celebrations and give a nice structured feel to any man’s look. Collared shirts can also look great worn under knitwear for a warmer, layered look in the colder months. This look would also look great paired with some subtle accessories to show the customers individual tastes.

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