How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

This season’s fashionable matte manicure competes successfully with classic gloss. At the same time, many girls are hesitant to experiment with a cardinal replacement of their favorite brilliant cover with an elegant velvety. If the new design of marigold causes you to fear, before you go to the salon and spend money on a new coating, try to make the varnish matte at home. There are several simple ways to transform a manicure from the usual shiny to a calm surface with a velor effect.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

How to make nail polish matte salon tools?

Since gel nail polish is not a cheap pleasure, many practical ladies have long acquired their own UV-lamp and other accessories for carrying out this procedure at home. If your arsenal has everything you need for a quality home manicure with the exception of varnish matte, do not rush to buy it. With the help of specialized tools, you can give the desired effect to all your favorite glossy shades without extra costs.

Matte top coating

A clear matte finish on top of color gloss works wonders. To create a “velvet” manicure, you must perform the same actions as when coating with a simple or gel polish with a glossy shine:

  • nail and cuticle treatment;
  • coating with two layers of gel with intermediate drying lamp;
  • applying a matte top;
  • removing a sticky layer.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

Acrylic Powder

Acrylic manicure powder is sold in specialized cosmetics stores. It is applied over the usual gel polish and topcoat with a shine; however, before applying the powder, the top is not dried in the lamp. Powder should just sprinkle marigolds, and then hold them under the lamp for a couple of minutes. After that, the remains of powder gently removed with a brush.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

Matt dust

Matte dust can also be purchased at cosmetic stores. Its main difference from the powder in the method of application. After covering the top with fingernails with a brush, dust is applied, very carefully, in a thin layer, and the manicure is subjected to final processing in the lamp.

How to make a varnish matte improvised means?

In addition to special coatings, which still belong to professional cosmetics, any girl can resort to alternative ways of turning a glossy manicure into a matte with the help of available tools that everyone has at home.

Hot steam

This is the easiest way, but slightly extreme, as hot steam or water can be much scalded. Ready to take a chance? Then just hold your hands over the hot steam from boiling water until the nail polish is still dry. Glossy coating instantly acquires a beautiful velvety texture, it remains only to let the varnish dry.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

Nail polishing

Ready glossy manicure is easy to turn into the desired matte with the help of an ordinary grinder. You can use the buff or freezer. With their help, remove part of the top cover, gently walking along the nail plate. After treatment, wipe your nails with a disinfectant sponge.

Corn or potato starch

A bag of starch can instantly turn a brilliant lacquer coating into a fashionable velvety with a sandy effect. This method, as well as the variant described below, is suitable for a usual varnish, but not for gel. First, the nails are treated in preparation for manicure procedures, then the base coat is applied. After that, the varnish of the chosen shade on the palette or in a suitable container is mixed with potato or corn starch. To begin with, it is worth taking a small amount of varnish, sufficient to apply on all the nails in one or two layers. A pinch of starch is added to the lacquer, thoroughly but quickly mixed and applied to the nails. The substance obtained by mixing should be homogeneous, without lumps.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

Baking soda

Using baking soda, ordinary nail polish easily turns into a matte, although this procedure requires some preparation and takes more time than all described above. You will need baking soda, a fine sieve, nail polish, and a base coat, a makeup brush with a very soft bristle. The procedure for creating a magical velvet manicure using soda includes the following steps:

  • soda must be sieved by removing all lumps;
  • apply one base coat to the nails of one hand, allow it to dry;
  • glossy varnish matte is applied over the base without drying;
  • gently, brush with a liquid lacquer coat smeared with soda;
  • soda is left on the nails for a few seconds for the reaction to occur;
  • soda residues are cleaned with the same brush or rinsed in a bath with water;
  • The procedure is repeated on the second hand.

Phased processing of two hands, in turn, is needed so that the varnish on the second-hand does not have time to dry until you apply the soda on the nails of the first hand.

How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

If the result of treating nails with soda and starch is yours, make a bottle of matte varnish for yourself of one or several favorite shades at home. To do this, mix the polished lacquer (no more than two-thirds of the liquid should remain in the bottle) with starch and mix well. Let the bottle stand for a day and use as directed. In the same way, you can make a matte transparent glossy coating. Want to experiment with color? Add matte eye shadow to the starch and mix well by testing the resulting shade.

Matte Manicure Options

Now that you know how to make a matte lacquer at home at no extra cost, you can dream up on the theme of a beautiful velvet manicure. It is not necessary to matte all the nails. Alternate the gloss with sand effect, dyeing your nails entirely or using these textures to create a service jacket. The combinations of matte varnish texture of different tones with rhinestones, lace and abstract patterns, drawn by stencil on a “sandy” background, alternation of glitter with a velvety texture and other bold solutions look very stylish.How To Make A Glossy Varnish Matte?

Try, fantasize and create your own nail art for every day and for special occasions!

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