Making sure your feet and coat are fashionable.

You ought to wear a fine pair of walking boots, whether you’re strutting the catwalk, marching through the crisp autumnal leaves or going off to sit in front of the fire in your local pub. To get there you’ll need to have a nice coat and outfit. That is where EJ Menswear comes in with great selection from Tommy Bowe Menswear.

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While you might want to invest in both boots and shoes, consider style over efficiency as this pair or that pair will be part of your fashion collection rather than the first shoes you pick when you’re going out for a walk. Boots are great for walking but they lack the finesse of a good leather shoe in formal settings.

Tall, chunky boots with commando soles and conventional eyelets are the look you are going for if you’re out for a great hike. Then, if you feel bold, you can go for mens leggings. This could be a step too far for you – and for many others – it is very comfy though.

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In terms of stylish coat, you may want to start slowly with a safe and classic choice like a chocolate brown shearling and leather bomber or a canvas jacket with a decadent shearling trim if you’ve never worn shearling before. Shearling is sheepskin and it is undergoing a renaissance, so why not consider it for this winter. It is no longer the go to item of clothing for a 1970’s football manager.

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