Wedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

Wedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

Wedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models. Between joys and sorrows, elegant women’s shoes with high heels have always been a dream for the entire female universe. And you do not need too much imagination to understand why! Synonymous with sensual femininity and a powerful weapon of seduction, the high heel gives the woman who wears it a captivating appearance and greater self-confidence. All qualities that a bride wants to show off on her big day. A plunge into elegance, including sequins, rouches, and bows. dizzy heels, of course!

1. Romantic rouchesWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

For the woman who does not want to give up the classic style but who wants something in line with the latest trends of the moment, this pair of wedding sandals is the ideal choice. A simple shape, framed by a horizontal band, finds its splendor in the refined white silk rouche that slips from the strap along the instep and ends with a pretty bow. Simplicity has never been so elegant! It is one of the best wedding shoes. Keep reading Where does the marquee come from?

2. Princely with valuable applicationsWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

Dedicated to all future brides who want to hire a princely set for their big day, here is the model that will make you daydream! Decollete with a tapered shape that ends with a slight point, the real strength is in the applications:: a riot of rhinestones, glitter, and beads delicately overhangs the surface of the shoe, in a play of floral patterns that are so reminiscent of the Art Nouveau decorations. Refined, bright and absolutely glam, if it is true that ” dreams are desires ” .. With these elegant shoes you will make yours!  It is one of the best wedding shoes.

3. Not to be kept in the background!Wedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

Perfect with a short wedding dress, these elegant women’s shoes are the object of desire for brides who want to exhibit a whimsical look but sophisticated sophistication and that maintains the canons of good taste. The decollete in neutral and delicate tones is in fact enhanced by a rich plateau to which a sumptuous and imposing bow in iridescent silk is interwoven. A detail that is no longer just a secondary element, but becomes the real protagonist: the bride who will wear these shoes will be able to give vent to her personality with determination and great class!

4. An evergreen with a new tasteWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

The brides who have chosen to celebrate their wedding with a traditional ceremony, wearing a simple wedding dress in an immaculate white silk, will be fascinated by this model. A clean and essential line, interrupted only by the crossing of the two thin straps, where the whiteness of white is enriched by a precious application of diamonds on the tip, very bright. Simple decollete yes, but with that attention to details that make them unique. Have you noticed the glitter detail on the strap? Absolutely chic!  It is one of the best wedding shoes.

5. Very high with the plateauWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

The higher the better it is! This is your mantra that repeats you every time you are faced with the choice of a pair of shoes. And for your wedding do not settle for simple high heels, you want something that is even more!

With her new line of footwear, Nicole will not disappoint you: here she proposes a model with a dizzying heel, emphasized even more by a sumptuous plateau. The distinction typical of formal shoes is given by the neutral color, which is proposed in shades with metallic shades. These tones, combined with the precious central brilliant, create a delicate play of light and strong brightness: a detail that can not go unnoticed!  It is one of the best wedding shoes.

6. Bright shades of a thousand colorsWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

The must-have of the ceremonies, especially those that will take place in the summer, is only one: the jewel sandals! Precious, refined and gritty, these sandals are a true hymn to luxury and royalty. Alessandra Rinaudo, head director of the brand, offers them in golden and metallic nuances: the splendor spreads thanks to the applications of diamonds on the central bank, while from the strap sweetly pendants of a thousand shades descend. Perfect under a colorful wedding dress, they will make you shine during the first dance with your future husband!  It is one of the best wedding shoes.

7. Refined eleganceWedding shoes: 7 dizzying dream models

Classic but not too much, these sophisticated decollete have already captured your heart. And how to give you wrong! The color is a beautiful cerulean blue that presented in a precious silk satin gives a great brightness; so even if you wear a very long mermaid wedding dress you can be sure that your décolleté will not go unnoticed! Did you know that blue is the color that most of all emanate serenity and inner peace? What better condition to get to the altar quiet and relaxed!  It is one of the best wedding shoes.