Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

More and more young couples prefer the rustic style for organizing a wedding celebration. The explanation for this is the unusual brevity of stylistics, interwoven with charming simplicity, as well as the opportunity to decorate the holiday with your own hands.

Rustic Wedding Decor

Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

Rustic style is based on the use of natural materials. Create the desired image of the whole celebration and harmonious look will help you:

  • Wildflowers
  • Sackcloth
  • Wood products and saws
  • Flax and cotton
  • Kraft paper and twine
  • Wicker baskets

Such a wedding involves some sophistication. Various vintage accessories will help to create a similar atmosphere. The main thing is that their design and forms should be simple and uncomplicated.

Now about the shades. The basis of the rustic style is the following colors: gray, brown, different tones of green, cream, white, as well as pink and blue. Bright accents in the form of more saturated tones are allowed. But screaming shades should be a minimum.

Rustic wedding: images of newlyweds

Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

Have you chosen a rustic style? Then the wedding, the photo of which will be captured for many years, suggests appropriate outfits for the bride and groom.

A rustic wedding dress is sewn from flowing and lightweight material; it should in no way constrain the movements of the bride. It is very important that the outfit looks light and airy. A simple dress made of natural materials, such as cotton, linen or knitted lace, is quite suitable for such a style. The corset and puffy skirt are considered inadmissible.

The wildflowers that make up the bridal bouquet will help create the desired image. You can also make a wreath of them, which additionally brings a touch of tenderness. The future wife’s hairstyle is loose hair or some negligent hair, as well as ordinary braids.

When choosing a dress for the groom is to choose the style of casual. A vest, suspenders, bow tie, and cotton shirt – all this will emphasize the image of the groom in the style of rustic. Ideal for a wedding suit textured fabrics.

The wardrobe will have to be slightly revised if the wedding is scheduled for the winter months. Warm accessories such as a shawl or knitted cape for the bride and a warm wool suit for the groom will help to correct the situation.

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Rustic style wedding decoration

Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

If the festival is planned in the summer, then it is necessary to organize it in the open air. A glade under the sun rays or a lawn in the forest under the shade of the crowns of branchy trees will be suitable for the venue.

Wedding registration rustic in the winter cannot be carried out in nature. In this case, use an alternative such as a restaurant or a hotel outside the city. When choosing a room you need to remember that at the heart of the style should be a simple interior and natural materials. Therefore, institutions in the design of which there are draperies, gilding, and other pompous attributes are definitely not suitable for such an easy style. If possible, choose a room with minimalist decor and lots of wood products in the interior.

Wedding Rustic: Floristry Basics

Wedding decoration in the style of rustic – is, firstly, the abundance of wildflowers. Cornflowers, daisies, dahlias and even golden ears of wheat will look great.

The bridal bouquet should be selected very carefully. Fresh shades of colors and easy negligence – just what you need. A cord on a bouquet or a ribbon of linen or cotton will help create a harmonious image.

The bride will become even more charming if flowers are woven into her hair. They must be in harmony with the bouquet and give the image of the girl all the same slight negligence.

Rustic style: main elements of a wedding decor

Rustic Style In Wedding Decoration

A wedding rustic is necessarily natural materials and lightness in every composition. If you prefer off-site registration, then you can use a lightweight arch from wildflowers or tree branches.

To make a formal dinner especially cozy, give preference to wooden tables. Use chintz, flax or coarse burlap as decoration. Vases here will be out of place, but they can be replaced with glass bottles or jars with a bouquet of wildflowers.

Tables can be decorated with wicker baskets, old books, wooden saw cuts and various compositions with moss elements will also work. Charm and a certain charm will add garlands.

Making a wedding in the chosen style, you must very carefully consider all the elements of decor. They create the necessary atmosphere. Alternatively, the rings can be served not on a classic pad, but on natural moss, and give small gifts to all the guests – jars of berry jam.