Industrial Shelving for the Home

Industrial Shelving for the Home

Most of us would love to have a bigger home, just to give us some additional space for all of life’s clutter! One of the most common complaints from homeowners is a lack of adequate storage space. Too often our homes are left looking and feeling untidy as items that can’t be stored are simply left out in the open. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have an interior designer to custom-design your storage for you, you could consider the many benefits of industrial shelving.  To get a better idea of what options you have available including Garage Shelving you could check out sites including

You might not think that anything with industrial in its name would fit into the décor of a home, but you’d be surprised. They offer a perfect way to keep your home organised and with a little styling, can add a touch of chic, contemporary design to your home.

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Storage shelves

Imagining a stark industrial shelf in your home might feel strange but there are loads of creative ways to jazz up this kind of shelving. You can find industrial shelving from many places, such as auctions, second-hand stores, lying around in your garage or shed or shiny and new Industrial Shelving from


This kind of shelving is ideal for storing books. If you’re a total book worm and have more than you know what to do with, then this is a great modern twist on the classic, traditional bookcase.

Small shelf

For any room in the house, a small shelf might be all that’s needed to simply provide a handy spot for items otherwise left on tables. For example, this idea works well in a hallway for keys and phones or in a bathroom for toiletries to sit on. Having a shelf on a wall can be a great space-saver, especially in small spaces.

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If you’re feeling creative, you could make a tailor-made side table with shelving underneath to provide you with even more handy storage space.

There are almost endless ideas for how to customise industrial style shelving. You could paint it, add wood panelling and turn it into a real focal point for the room. The only limit really is your imagination and your budget. This can be a fun project if you’re a handyperson or even just dabbling in this kind of repurposing activity.

If you’re not confident with DIYing it, then don’t worry as this industrial chic trend is very popular and many designers are incorporating the look into their furniture designs.