Discover the best places in the world for your dream wedding

Discover the best places in the world for your dream wedding

When winter arrives, the wedding season feels. Maybe it’s because of the weather, you know, it’s always better to marry an environment that does not make your makeup run out or your dress itch. According to a survey, winter is the favorite season for weddings and we share the best places in the world for your dream wedding. Whether in town, beach, countryside or forest.

That is why we took on the task of finding the best destinations for weddings so that when the big time comes you are ready to get out of the routine and venture to a traveling wedding and with a lot of styles.

Prepare your passports because we are going to different parts of the world!

Barichara- Colombiadream wedding

Barichara is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Santander and since 1654 it was declared Cultural Heritage of the Country. It stands on stone. Its streets, houses, temples and especially the cemetery, a place highlighted by its bars and windows, are built with yellow stone. It is one the best places in the world for your dream wedding.

A charming place, which makes it the ideal place for a wedding, in fact, this type of tourism has become popular in recent years. From hotels to party halls or even outdoors, here you will find everything and everyone. Even just looking in Google “marriage Barichara” you will see dozens of agencies that are dedicated exclusively to that.

Cappadocia -Turkeydream wedding

Cappadocia is a historical region of Central Anatolia, in Turkey. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. The name of this place  Katpadukya means “Land of beautiful horses”.

The Capadócia landscape is lunar, with many stones and reddish color, that ensures 100% unique photos. The options are multiple, from salons to outdoors, but what we want to propose to you is even more magical:

Balloon balloon wedding

Yes! how do you read A wonderful experience for those adventurous couples? It is one the best places in the world for your dream wedding.

Arizona- U.Sdream wedding

How about a luxury wedding overlooking the Grand Canyon? EXACT, incredible. The  Enchantment Resort offers this service and is simply wonderful. The hotel is ready to offer weddings inside and outside the hotel.

Tiksey Monastery- Himalayasdream wedding

If you prefer an even less traditional wedding, we recommend Buddhist marriage. The latest fashion in exotic weddings is getting married in a monastery in the old kingdom of Ladakh, in the heart of the Himalayas. It is one the best places in the world for your dream wedding.

Weddings “are modest” within what is possible to travel to the Himalayas to get married. The approximate cost of a wedding of this type is 3000 dollars, that is 56 thousand pesos, now we only need to add the planes and that’s it.

Baja California Sur- Mexicodream wedding

Todos Santos is a Mexican town located in the municipality of La Paz, State of Baja California Sur, for its friendly climate is considered an oasis in the desert. Its incredible landscapes and it’s incomparable make it perfect for an outdoor wedding. On the shore of the beach or on a hill overlooking the Pacific.

To get there you will need a couple of planes and a lot of patience, but it’s worth it. The monastery of Tiksey is, together with that of Hemis, one of the oldest in Ladakh. It is located on the top of a rocky promontory, dominating a lunar landscape and 4000 feet high.