Speed Up Your Browser with Firefox Tab Closing Shortcuts

Speed Up Your Browser with Firefox Tab Closing Shortcuts

Firefox is a great browser, but it can be slow and unresponsive. You can speed up Firefox by closing tabs that aren’t being used. While you could approach them one at a time or even use the task manager to close out all the tabs simultaneously, there are faster ways!

How tab closing shortcuts work

Tab-closing shortcuts are a great way to speed up your browsing experience. To close a single tab, press ctrl+w (or cmd+w on Mac). If you want to close all tabs at once, press ctrl+shift+w instead.

To focus on the last Tabn tab and get rid of all others. Press ctrl+t (or cmd+t). This can be useful if you accidentally close a tab and need to reaccess it quickly!

Closing a single tab

You can close a tab quickly by pressing Ctrl + W or Ctrl + Shift + T.

If you have more than one window open, press Ctrl + Shift + 1 to 9 to close the corresponding opened windows (such as Ctrl+Shift+5 to complete the fifth tab).

If Tab has only one window open and you want to close it, press Ctrl + 0 instead of any number.

Focusing on a specific tab

To focus on a specific tab, navigate to the tab you want by pressing Ctrl + Tab or using the search bar. Then press Ctrl + Shift + T to switch tabs.

  • Use the search bar to find a specific tab: Type in part of your website’s address in the search bar, then click on that result when it appears. This brings up all of your open tabs with that address as their URL, which makes finding your desired page much easier—especially if you have many open tabs!
  • Use the address bar to find a specific tab: Type part of your website’s URL directly into the address bar at the top of your Firefox window. You’ll see all open pages with this address and any windows that were opened through it (like if you clicked an email link). This is especially helpful for long URLs where finding what you want could take ages otherwise!

Closing a group of tabs

This is useful if you want to quickly close out many tabs without using the mouse or scrolling through a tab list. Suppose you have more than one browser window open and want to complete all but one; press Ctrl+Shift+W once for each window.

Suppose you’re looking for something more specific, such as closing just your current tab or opening a new one (as opposed to closing). Press Ctrl+Shift+T instead. This shortcut does not work on some versions of Firefox; however, if it does work for you, feel free to use it!

Another option is pressing Ctrl+Shift+1-9 instead of 1-9 themselves—that way, if there are any other windows open at the same time, they’ll still be available afterward while only changing just how many there are in total between them all.


You’ve learned how to close a single tab and focus on a specific tab. You can also close all your open tabs at once with one shortcut. These shortcuts are easy to use and remember, so give them a try today!

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