The mini basketball and the material adapted for children

The mini basketball and the material adapted for children

The mini basket is a variation of competitive basketball for boys and girls up to 12 years old. Thanks to this sport, the little ones can learn the rules and basic basics of basketball, enjoying at all times the basketball adapted to their height, skills, and physical development. In what more differences we find between the basketball and the mini basket is in the dimensions of the field, the height of the hoops and the size of the ball. Among team sports, there are two that stand out above the rest: football and mini basketball. Both the one and the other are disciplines that allow the child to develop his capacity for speed and endurance and improve his coordination of movements.

In addition to physicists, they are sports that encourage teamwork, camaraderie, solidarity, and generosity among children.

The history of mini basketball

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Basketball, also called basketball or basketball, comes from the English basket (basket) and ball (ball) and was born as a response to the need to perform some kind of sports activity in a sports center during the cold winter of the United States.

Mini basketball for children

The Canadian professor James Naismith was commissioned to devise a new sport in December 1891. Recalling an old game of his childhood that was to try to hit a rock object on a rock, he placed some boxes of peaches open on both sides in a railing and established the rules of the new activity.

In 1892, women’s basketball was born and a board was placed behind the boxes to prevent spectators from hindering or assisting the entry of the ball. And with the passage of time, the peach baskets became the metal rings with a network that we know today. In 1928, basketball became an Olympic sport and began to gain followers around the world, creating institutions dedicated solely to regulate basketball competitions.

Benefits of mini basketball

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Suitable for children from 5 years old, basketball is played with teams formed by five children whose mission is to introduce the ball through the hoop of the basket, located at a height of 3 meters, although it varies depending on the age of the children. In addition to fostering teamwork, camaraderie, generosity, and solidarity, basketball has many physical benefits for children:

  • Help the development of concentration, speed, self-control, confidence or balance.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the whole body and especially those of the legs.
  • Encourages the development of the loco-motors system.
  • Increases the physical resistance of children.

It contributes to burning large amounts of calories, favoring that small children do not suffer problems such as childhood obesity.

How much does a mini basketball field measure?

The mini basket court is designed with measures adopted to younger players. It must have the same characteristics as a normal track, but with a much smaller standard size, usually 28 x 15 meters. The line of fire is 4 meters from the board and there is no 3-point zone. It is also possible to find clues in which these measures are not met, but it is always necessary to keep the same proportions. You can find courts with measures from 26 x 14 meters to 12 x 7 meters.

What is the height of a mini basketball?

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The height of the hoop also varies according to the age of the players. For children under 9 years of age the hoop is located at about 2.60 meters, while for players over 10 years old, the board is placed at 3.05 meters above the ground. It is necessary to mention that these heights are not standard and it is possible that they vary according to age.

The mini basketball

Another thing that also changes is the size of the mini basketball. Children from 7 to 12 years old usually use a ball of size number 5, which has a circumference of 66 to 73 cm and a weight of 450 to 500 grams. In contrast, children under 7 years of age use a 3-ball size, with a circumference of between 55 and 58 cm and a weight of 310 to 330 grams. As for brands, it is not obligatory to use one or the other, the club has the decision, but it is advisable to use balls of good quality to avoid many breaks.

Basic rules of the mini basketball

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On the other hand, as happens in regular basketball, the mini basket is played with two teams of five players, although each team must have  10 players in total, five on the court and five as substitutes. Each game is divided into two times of twenty minutes, with a break between them for ten minutes. In turn, each of these times is divided into two periods of 10 minutes with a break of two minutes between them. Therefore, there are four game times of 10 minutes, separated by two, ten and two minutes of successive rest.

Each player of each mini basket team must play at least two game times during the match. This rule can only be skipped if the player is injured during the match or has been ejected from the court. The rest of the regulation that sets the dynamics of the game, fouls, and penalties, is exactly the same as the one used in normal basketball.

So you can see how it is a real mini basket match, here is the full video of the men’s final of the 2016 Spanish mini basket championship:

Tips for choosing basketball shoes

Every day there are more children who choose to practice basketball and dream of reaching the top in a field. To become a good player it is necessary that these little athletes train from a young age and maximize their skills during training.

The best way to achieve this is to practice many hours and use the right sports equipment to avoid injuries and achieve the highest level. The most important element and that must adapt perfectly to the player are the basketball shoes. It is necessary that they fit perfectly to the foot, without tightening or being too loose, and that they are suitable for the basketball, in this way many injuries will be avoided both in the ankles and knees of the player.

After showing you how the mini basket is, you may want your son to become a basketball fan, so we leave you the basketball camps that we offer in Ethel for children of almost all ages.

The value of mini basketball

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The mini-basketball is designed to provide the child with a comfortable way to discover basketball as a hobby, which will motivate him towards a happy sports life.

The mini basketball is the source for the start of our children and girls in the basketball. It is where the first contact with a sport is made, a great pleasure for children, and that has spread very strongly in our youth throughout the continent. It has become widespread in all parts of the world with virtues and defects.    Virtue, of a participation at an early age, and defects, concern about the sports activity before the concept of competence and the desire to win and the recreational concept that clashes with the mentalist of the competition.

It has created concerns on the part of coaches, parents, and institutions that generate mini-basketball tournaments respecting the decision whether the mini-basketball understanding that it should be recreational or competitive. There are different opinions and concepts regarding the existing situation.

Being one of the objectives of the program mini basketball process educational for children as well teach him to play basketball and encourage them to stay in the game,    rather adverse situations create you to stay away from the sport. We understand that we must find a firm and compromising solution for the universal implementation of mini.

That is why we must be cautious when making decisions that can hurt the interest of children, parents, coaches, and institutions.   Let’s see an example of the existing situation. There are many countries and leagues that play mini-basketball without scoring and where all the children have to play during the game to encourage the development of their skills and motivate them to know the game while having fun. For that reason, there are no winners or losers.

But the reality is different,   while many children enjoy and have fun, others suffer the pressures and demands of parents and coaches in the pursuit of victory. Given this situation, we have to decide institutionally which is the most convenient for children, as for the development of mini basketball.

There are many adverse situations that cause children at an early age to get away from sports, due to bad experiences, one of these the beginning at an early age to compete under the toughest demands on the part of parents and coaches.

Player equipment

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The player will wear a uniform consisting of shirt and pants of a predominant color, with numbers from 4 to 15, although it is not uncommon to see higher numbers because some teams have more than 12 players. The use of necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, or any other object that may cause damage is prohibited. In order to play, the objects mentioned above must be removed or they can be covered with adhesive tape. However, glasses are generally allowed.

Finally, the mini basketball, mini banquet or simply mini is a form of basketball adapted for your game between children, especially from 6 to 12 years. The dimensions of the pitch, the height of the rings, the size of the boards and the diameter and weight of the balls are adapted to the age. The objective of the game, even superior to competitiveness, will be teaching and pedagogy, both individually and collectively.

There is great variability in time and division in periods of the game, with 4, 6, or even 8 periods per game. Approximately, the total party time tends toward 40 minutes. Besides time, there are considerable variations in the rules, depending on the organizer of the competition, due to the pedagogical nature of the children’s sport. Here the most common ones are described, with 4 periods.

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