Four more ways to better manage your Facebook group

Four more ways to better manage your Facebook group

If you run a group on Facebook, you could benefit from using the free management tools. This is because the tools can help you to boost engagement within the group, and it can also help you to grow and expand.

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Here are four more ways to better manage your Facebook group.

Start scheduling Facebook posts

It can be difficult to post every day, especially if you have a busy life, but you can schedule Facebook posts to appear throughout the week. This is a great way to ensure that you always post at the busiest times; maybe people are most active in your group during the afternoon, but you can’t post then as you are at work. However you can schedule posts to go out during the afternoon as you work, so your posts are always seen by the maximum number of people. After all, organisation is key to success!

Link to your page

You can also link your personal Facebook page to your group, which means you will be able to comment on posts as the Facebook page (instead of commenting from your personal account). This can help you to reach new audiences, especially if you are commenting on posts on other pages.

If you decide to do this, choose groups with similar target audiences. This means that you are more likely to connect with people who are truly interested in your Facebook group.

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Use external software

If you have lots of members in your group and you want to provide external services (such as a newsletter, or email announcements), you could download external software. For instance, you can download membership software such as, so you can keep track of your members and their details.

Check the group insights

Finally, you should regularly check the page insights. If your Facebook page has more than 250 members, you will be able to see analytics about the group and how they behave. For instance, you will be able to see growth insights; how many people follow your page each week, and where they are from. You can also find out more about when the group is most active, so you can tailor your posts for better engagement. This is very useful, especially if you want to grow your Facebook page.