Mastermind and the famous black chair!

Mastermind and the famous black chair!

This question based, intelligence quiz “Game Show” is famous for the extra-large black chair that the contestants sit in to answer their chosen subjects and general knowledge questions. The creator of this television show is Bill Wright and he drew his inspiration for the menacing music and intimidating setting from his own experiences of being questioned by the Gestapo during the first World War. The theme music is entitled “Approaching Menace” composed by Neil Richardson and it totally encompasses the atmosphere of Interrogation that the Creator and producers wanted to create.

Up to six contestants answer quick fire questions in a specific time frame, conducted over two separate rounds, the contestants had to face original quiz master Magnus Magnusson.

The black Operator Chair that the contestants have to sit in is probably the most well-known piece of office equipment known to thousands of television viewers. Like many other work places, companies around the World use similar chairs, such as chairs from Best Buy Office Chairs and other companies.

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Originally broadcast on to our televisions in 1972 this popular show still continues to this day having had several different presenters at the helm, these include Peter Snow, Clive Anderson and John Humphrys.  There have been forty-five regular series, containing nine hundred and seventy-eight episodes.  There have been several special Junior series and eight Champion of Champions contests as well as five International series and episodes.  A firm family favourite for many years this “Game Show” remains as popular as ever.