How to make DIY do-it-yourself cones

How to make DIY do-it-yourself cones

How to make DIY do-it-yourself cones. If the idea of setting up the entrance of the church with simple and cheap bag carrying bags fascinates you, you can entrust them to your florist who will take care of them along with the flower bouquets and the release of your wedding bouquet or test yourself with small tutorials like this. You can use the same procedure to transform the transferring cones into the packaging of your wedding favors or as containers of other wedding decorative elements.

What do you need?How to make DIY do-it-yourself cones

Regardless of the model of cone you want to make, the things you need to keep close at hand is always the same, while the dimensions of the paper square can vary according to your preferences so as to create cones with a classic shape or cones in shape narrow and elongated or even cones with a triangular opening that are so much reminiscent of the shape of a heart. A few materials are needed to make refined and original cones with very little expense :

-squares of paper or of the material with which you prefer to make the cones (in the following paragraphs we will show you the variants);

-ribbon to make the decorative bow or other accessory with which to adorn the cones, taking inspiration also from the details of your bouquet;

-hairpin or office paper clip;

-scissors, double-sided adhesive tape or hot glue;   It is one of the best tips to make DIY.

The procedure: a few simple movesHow to make DIY do-it-yourself cones

Whether or not you are an expert in origami techniques, or crafter addicted, it does not matter, you need a few simple steps to make versatile and pretty cones to fill with rice, confetti or flower petals. , regardless of the type of material chosen:

1. Attach a 6 cm stitch on your right, at the bottom of the sheet, with a dotter or a pencil, to ensure that the lower part is closed perfectly so as to contain the rice;

2. Roll the sheet on itself trying to give it the shape you want;

3. After having rolled it up correctly, fasten it with an office clasp or with a hairpin (exactly like the ones used for semi-soft bridal hairstyles )

4. Use hot glue to fix the cone first in the lower tip, then go up and glue the rest;

5. Let it dry for a moment and go to the decorative phase. You can proceed with simple bows made from a themed ribbon with the wedding or with rhinestones, floral applications, fabric or embossed in wood or other material;

6. Paste the chosen decoration on the front of the cone always using hot glue;

7. Let everything dry and finish your work by filling the cones.  It is one of the best tips to make DIY

Ideas beyond the paperHow to make DIY do-it-yourself cones

The theme of the wedding dictates so many things so that, even in DIY, you must take care of the details of the settings and decorations chosen for the various environments and moments. That’s why in addition to simple paper, you can realize with the same procedure, some cones with other materials that better reflect your style. In fact, you can replace the card with the under- toast doilies, which are so reminiscent of the decorations of a lace wedding dress, perfect for shabby-style weddings; with straw paper , definitely in theme with the country- style and rustic wedding ; with pages of ancient books or musical scores, for a romantic wedding; or with the same card of the wedding invitations , accompanied with your initials, for elegant wedding and extremely detailed in detail.  It is one of the best tips to make DIY.