Five reasons to hire a man and van service

Five reasons to hire a man and van service

No matter how independent someone is, there will always be situations in life when the only realistic option is to hire someone to help out with a task like moving items from A to B. This is where hiring a man with a van service is a sensible decision, and if you’re not quite convinced as to the need, take a look at these five very good reasons that are bound to change your mind.

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1 It’s a budget-friendly option

That affordable piece of used furniture you found online isn’t as much of a bargain if you have to pay a fortune to have it delivered. Many man with van services are happy to move small loads at a reduced rate, especially if they can add it into another move or bundle several small pickups into one day. These well-priced services are even available in expensive places such as London.

2 They take on small house moves

Large professional house movers tend to favour more lucrative jobs as they can charge more, and possibly add in extras such as packing. That can leave those moving with few possessions, or starting or finishing university struggling. Many man with van services are run on a self-employed basis, giving the owner more flexibility on which work to take on.

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3 They rely on a good reputation

Without a big brand name to boost their market status man with van services rely heavily on word of mouth and good reviews for new work leads. Only those with consistently good feedback attract lots of work, so they tend to work hard at providing a reliable and professional service.

4 They are local

This means they are familiar with the best routes between destinations, reducing the overall time needed for jobs. It also means that you can ask around for recommendations from contacts rather than rely only on online reviews. To find a man with a van service nearby simply search Google for say, man and van Slough, and names such as will pop up for you to create a shortlist from.

5 You can often book at short notice

Because there is a lot of competition most man with van services are easier to book at short notice than larger moving or delivery companies.