Design considerations for your next website build

Design considerations for your next website build

It makes sense to consider design as carefully as you plan the user experience and structure when you are looking to carry out a new business website build. Typically, if engaging a web designer from a Somerset web design agency, these are the kind of factors you will work together to consider.

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Linking digital design to the broader brand

Your overall marketing materials, of which digital assets form a part, must support your overall branding and be consistent for defined aesthetic elements, including typography, colour palettes, photography styles and any graphical assets that are part of the brand itself. Print typography can be an issue for web, as a font that works well for print does not necessarily translate into an effective online type. Most websites will use a simple sans serif font such as Arial for ease of reading and it is worth expanding corporate brand guidelines to allow this, and to define this, as necessary. Working with a Branding Agency such as can really help you to develop your own unique identity in all aspects of your business.

The overall user experience

A good website will consider all elements of the user experience and ensure that the customer is guided through the functions of the site by using good, clean and responsive design. Design will also support the user experience or structure of the site, facilitating customer journeys and navigation and helping the visitor to move easily and seamlessly to the parts of the site they are most interested in.

Engaging the visitor

Good design will naturally engage and interest the visitor and encourage them to spend time on the site, and web designers may carry out user testing to assess how engaging the site is and how easy it is to navigate. This kind of research is typically completed with cameras that track user movements and with voice recordings so that their feedback and thoughts can be recorded as they move through each section of the website. This feedback allows designers and developers to work together and to keep refining the website over time.

Clean and simple

Modern designs tend to focus on clean design with scrolling templates that can be accessed largely within a single page.

When you are ready to progress with your next website build, or to continue to evolve your current one, bear these design considerations in mind and make sure your resulting asset works for you and your customers.