What’s Your Mother Wearing?

What’s Your Mother Wearing?

It comes as a surprise to every bride-to-be, when choosing your own dress for the big day, someone will always ask – Has your mother chosen her outfit yet? Naturally, you’ll have ideas in mind for bridesmaids, but thinking about beautiful mother of the bride dresses can be more daunting.

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Managing your mother’s outfit is a surprisingly challenging task. On your wedding day, whether or not you have a maid of honour, your mother will end up filling this role. She’ll be overseeing your hair and make, worrying about the car arriving and trying to make sure everything goes perfectly. You’ll want her to be comfortable, to feel confident and glamorous and later on, to look great in all the photos too. You may even consider taking her along to your Gloucester Hairdressers appointment for your big day and treat her to a style all of her own.

What You Need to Consider

First of all, you don’t want to dress her in the exact theme of the wedding. The position of Mother of the Bride sits above all bridesmaid ranks. To create a Mother of the Bride outfit which matches these dresses can be seen as demeaning. Think of all the activities your mother will be involved in over the day, from rushing around with flowers, to attending the ceremony, to sitting down to lunch and dancing the night away. The outfit needs to be beautiful and practical).

Ideally, your mother will choose her own outfit, you’ll love it, she’ll love it and it won’t clash with anything, but it’s best not to leave this to chance.

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Start Looking Early

There are many classic mother of the bride dresses to choose from, but picking the right one is imperative. We recommend that you start your search early and don’t rush into any decisions until the bride’s dress is established.

An adaptable outfit with a jacket is always a good idea, likewise a shift style dress with longer lace or delicate sleeves can prove very versatile.

Take your colour swatches to any fittings and remember, you’re looking for a degree of contrast rather than a resemblance. If your spring bridesmaids are wearing a rose blush, consider a pale mint for your mother. If they’re wearing deep winter colours, so should she.

Above all, always consider your mother’s outfit as an integral part of your wedding design. It certainly is your big day, but it’s going to be a big day for her too!