Card Games you can play alone

Card Games you can play alone

Card games are fun – great for keeping your mind active and a simple way to stave off boredom when it’s wet, cold or you’re stuck in bed unwell. There are lots of different games to choose from when players are plentiful, but if it’s just you and a couple of decks of cards, the choice definitely shrinks dramatically.

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It’s a shame to miss out, though, so here are four different card games which are fun to play alone.  So grab yourself a drink, a snack and get yourself a new stove to keep warm from some were like a Stoves Northern Ireland company checking out links including  Now your ready have a look at these ideas on what games to play.

Klondike Solitaire

This is always popular. Shuffle and deal the cards into seven piles – the first with one card, the second with two, etc, up to the seventh with seven cards. Turn over the top card of each, and leave the spare cards in a pile. Your task is to make stacks of all suits from ace to king by moving the cards to a partner with a different colour and a number one higher.


Numbers are king here and suits irrelevant. You must match two cards to equal 11, or all three picture cards to make a set. Lay out nine cards in a 3 x 3 square, then remove any relevant pairs and replace with new cards from the top of the stack. You win if all cards can be matched. This is a fun game, ideal for playing from a padded lap tray when in bed or lying on the sofa.

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Make two rows of cards in front of you, each with five cards placed face-down. These represent numbers 1-10. Take a card from the remaining pile and check its number. If it is a three switch it for the card in position three on the table, leaving it face-up this time, and repeat with the card you displaced. Say you get number seven – then switch it, and check the new card in your hands. If the number has gone, you lose a life. Continue playing until five lives are lost.


For a simple game to test your memory skills, lay out a selection of paired cards face down, then turn two in turn to see if you can find a pair. Continue until all pairs are found, timing yourself for an extra challenge.