Pros and Cons of using public WiFi networks

Pros and Cons of using public WiFi networks

We need internet connection continuously. We have fully engaged in this new medium and we need it wherever we go. Therefore, many companies and public areas offer our public WiFi networks. Although telephone companies offer us good rates with which to have Internet connection outside the home, public WiFi networks are used a lot today.

Above all, they are very useful for those who work connected to the Internet or simply for those who want to update their social networks at any time. Before using public WiFi networks, we have several doubts about their security and privacy. Therefore, we reflect today if use public WiFi networks yes or no. Let’s look at the possible negative or positive effects of using these types of networks.

Cons of using public WiFi networks

It is not a legend that using public WiFi networks involves taking a number of risks. Risks that go beyond being near shy WiFi waves. These are risks that may eventually be harmful to us and the devices we use to connect to these networks. Let’s look at some of the risks we face when using public WiFi networks.

Using public WiFi networks is a way to attract hackers

Public WiFi networks are an amusement park for hackers. When we connect to this type of network, we have to accept to share a connection with all those who are connected at the same time as us. What does this mean? It means that we are giving free access to our files. Public WiFi networks usually work without authentication. This means that we do not need a username and password to use them, nor do we need a password. Therefore, this makes it possible for the hacker to have access to the connected devices without any barrier. You can walk around without being discovered, almost as quiet as if the hacking device was yours.

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Viruses threaten our device when using public WiFi networks

Our devices are vulnerable to attack by a Trojan or a virus at any time. But when we establish a connection in a public WiFi network these possibilities are doubled. In these connections, there is no barrier that makes our connection private so our device is unprotected. There are different ways that a virus can reach our device when using public WiFi networks. You can arrive by entering a page that is not very secure. In these connections, there is no type of firewall that limits the content we visit, so if we enter a non-private page the Trojan will infect our device in a matter of seconds. It is also possible to receive threats through a simple email. The ways in which these types of threats reach our devices are endless. The ideal way to avoid it is to have a good antivirus. An antivirus that is able to detect when we are in a public WiFi network and be alert for future threats.

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Using public WiFi networks can be a real steal

You don’t have to be a good hacker to steal information from our device . There are currently many networks that are apparently free. However, by connecting to them we are accepting conditions that we do not usually read, the fine print of public WiFi networks that nobody reads. It is something similar to cookiesthat skip us lately on many websites . These WiFi networks are free because we give access to our data . In the long run they are not as free as we believe if we are allowing them to access any type of information that we store on our device . Also, in the wrong hands, that information can pose a great risk.For example, if we buy on the Internet through a WiFi network we are giving freedom to access our bank details.

Pros of using public WiFi networks

Using public WiFi networks brings us many observable benefits to the naked eye. Sometimes our amount of data contracted with telephone companies is usually low. They limit us to a monthly amount that we probably consume before the end of the month. Therefore, being able to connect to a public WiFi network allows us to have that extra free connection we need. Another advantage of using these WiFi networks is that we can work anywhere. If we have to change our city or home and we need to work connected to the Internet, this type of connection allows us to carry out our work from anywhere with total freedom. These are some benefits provided by public WiFí networks but there are many others, such as being able to communicate anywhere with our family or friends.

Tips to keep in mind when using public WiFi networks

There is no risk that we cannot minimize if we try to anticipate it. If we use any of the following tips, we are likely to be more secure when using public WiFi networks.

We need a good antivirus when we are going to use public WiFi networks

We have already commented before, viruses walk freely through free connections so we need a good antivirus to detect them. But not only an antivirus for our laptop. Viruses attack any type of device so we must also protect our smartphones or tablets. In Play Store, we can find free antivirus for these devices.

Disconnect the public WiFi network when you are not using it

We have the habit of connecting the WiFi automatically even if we are not using it. If we really do not need to use the WiFi network, it is best to disconnect it. Because although we are not using it, we are giving freedom to others accessing our information. Therefore, the ideal is to connect when we really need to use it.

Avoid pages that require private data when using public networks

They are called public networks because everyone has access to them, so surely they also have access to our data. That is why it is important that we avoid buying or performing actions that require our private data. Such as banking information or passwords of some networks.

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