The reasons to say why you are looking for a new job

The reasons to say why you are looking for a new job

You must be careful when answering certain questions in the new job interview. Your answer may be the difference between getting the job or not. One of these questions is: “Why are you looking for a new job?” This question can be asked in several different ways, including: “Why do you want to quit your current job?” or “Why are not you happy with your current position?” The interviewer can also ask you this same question regarding the previous positions. Although this question is asked, you must keep your positive answers and focus more on the position you want to obtain.

More challenging tasks for a new job

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One of the reasons you can allude to the search for a new job is that you look for more difficult tasks. Start by saying something positive about your current job as, for example, “I have learned a lot about the introduction of new products in my work, but I want to participate more in the phases of pricing and distribution.” You should know something about the new position to make such a comment, so always get a full copy of the job description before your interview. Another option is to tell the interviewer how excited you are about the job and the challenges that await you.

More security

Increased job security is another acceptable answer to any question about quitting your job, according to race expert Martin John Yates, who wrote the book “Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” . Explain why you feel that security would be greater with the position to which you are presenting yourself. You can work for a small new company and feel that you will have more security with a larger company. Tell the interviewer how you liked the experience you got in your job, but that you have a son who is going to college, and that you prefer to work for a company that has been in the market for around 50 years. Larger companies usually offer better benefits, including reimbursement of college tuition,

More money

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More money can be an appropriate reason to leave a job. However, you should already know the salary range of the new position before using this answer. Salaries are sometimes declared in job descriptions or online job postings. Headhunters also provides salary ranges. You could also be in a second or third interview and the company has already provided you with information about salaries. Whatever the case, explain how you have enjoyed your previous work, but that you felt that it was somewhat underpaid. This may be obvious to the interviewer if you tell him what your salary was. Most human resource managers know the average salaries of jobs, since they investigate salary data.


Companies relocate employees around all the time. As a result, you may not be comfortable in the place where you live. You may also have to take too much time to get to work. This is common in large cities that are very large and where houses that are in peripheral areas are cheaper and are located in more desirable neighborhoods. Whatever your situation, preface your response with some positive comments about your current work. Then you could say: “It takes me two hours to go back and forth from work every day and that’s expensive, the location of this new job is much closer to me.”

Types of questions to ask during an interview

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Candidates who do not ask questions during the interview are normally seen by interviewers as uninterested job seekers. The reality may be that they are either reluctant to question the selection of personnel or simply do not know what questions to ask. Never leave an interview without asking the interviewer at least one question, although two or three questions are better. When you prepare for the interview, list the questions that come to mind. If you have done any kind of research, you can be sure to have questions about what you have read. In addition, it elaborates specific questions about the work to obtain a clear image of what the position implies.

Practice interview questions

An interview is an intimidating experience when you are not prepared. The best way to be comfortable and confident with the process is to practice answering some of the most common questions. When you practice your answers, you gain confidence, as it improves your ability to behave during the actual interview. Have a friend or a member of your family help you practice your answers by asking some of the most common interview questions for new job.

Are you looking for a new job? Download the new Info Jobs app!

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If you are looking for a new job or improve professionally, you can not discard any channel. In addition to being present in professional social networks like LinkedIn, you should not forget such important employment platforms as Info jobs, in which, for example, more than 830,000 people found a new job during the past year.

In addition to its web version, in which you can search for offers and sign up for selection processes, Info jobs offers its new mobile application to users , completely redesigned and improved so that you can be aware of your applications comfortably and from anywhere.

In the new Info Jobs mobile application one of the main improvements that has been made is the search engine, which is now faster and easier to use. In it you can look for both scholarships and internships as full-time or part-time jobs or even freelance collaborations.

Searches can be made by professional category, professional level, province … In addition, from the mobile the process of registering in the offer is even faster: you only have to choose the CV and the cover letter (with the possibility of editing them) that is more appropriate and send it. With just one click, you are enrolled in the selection process.

But also, one of the great advantages of the Info Jobs app is that it allows you to follow the evolution of the applications in real time and even receive an automatic alert on the mobile every time a company reads your CV or decides to “admit it” or ” reject it “within a selection process.

The notifications can also be configured so that, for example, a message arrives to the mobile when a company announces a new job offer, or when there is a vacancy in a position similar to the one we are looking to fill.

Thus, the Info Jobs mobile application significantly improves the experience already provided by your website and also makes the search process more effective. In fact, 7 out of 10 users who found work with Info Jobs last year had the mobile application installed.

Finally, bad work environment, and disagreement with the environment, are some of the reasons that can push us to seek a new job. When we are immersed in a toxic work environment we do not have options, it is best to look for a new job. But what happens in those situations in which you feel happy with your work team but at the same time feel that things at work level are stagnant?

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