How to earn on the Internet seriously

How to earn on the Internet seriously

How to earn on the Internet seriously. On the Internet, this is little but sure, you have to stay away from all those sites and companies that promise to make money over the Internet by pressing a key on the computer keyboard, or a little more. It is certainly possible to collect some money by exploiting their skills (and especially their time) on the Net, but – this is good to make it clear right away to avoid misunderstanding – it is rare to get something higher than a modest rounding of salary. Despite everything, I continue to receive messages from friends and readers asking me how to earn money on the Internet seriously, if there is a way to try and which roads I recommend to take. Well, it will seem trivial but the only way to earn significant figures online is … work, work hard.

In fact, there are some activities that can be done through the Internet and that, if well conducted, can lead to gains equal to those of an average salary … but you have to be very patient and also a lot ‘of luck (they do not tell me that I warned you!). If you are aware of all this and you want to try the same path of work on the Net, read the next lines. I will provide you with some advice that could be useful and that could, therefore, make you comfortable to understand how to earn money on the Internet seriously.

Create and manage a blog

Let’s start this guide dedicated to how to earn money on the Internet seriously from the world of blogs. If you love writing and you feel very passionate about a very specific topic (eg fashion, cooking, politics, technology), you could buy a Web space – just a few euros – and create a blog dedicated to the latter. Now, creating a successful blog is not an easy task but with the right promotional activities and a bit of luck, you might be able to make it a source of constant income.  It is the best way to earn on the Internet.

Open and administer an online storeHow to earn on the Internet seriously

Another way to earn on the Internet seriously (or try to do it) is to transfer the activities of your store online or create a new one operating exclusively via the Web. In this sense, there are various ways you can follow. The choice based on your needs. First I suggest you take a look at Blooming. It is a Web service that allows you to create a real online store in a few clicks. It does not require the installation of programs on the computer, nor special technical knowledge, and allows integrating the stores even within the Facebook pages.

Selling used itemsHow to earn on the Internet seriously

Another great way to earn on the Internet seriously is to sell used items, such as the smartphone that you have not used for a long time or maybe the collection of DVD movies that you have not watched for a while. In this regard, I suggest you check out and Kijiji that work similarly to the old ads published in paper newspapers. They do not provide for compulsory entries, they are completely free and are also good for the sale of goods with delivery in person.

Write and publish an eBookHow to earn on the Internet seriously

If you are an aspiring writer, the Internet could help you to make your works known to the general public and earn some money (even if in the early days you can not expect huge revenue) allowing you to publish your eBooks. It is the best way to earn on the Internet.

Look for work

As stressed abundantly at the beginning of this tutorial, the Internet is not the new El Dorado. Earning substantial figures is as complicated as it is in the “real world”. But this does not mean that the Web can not help in this sense. The Internet can indeed be a formidable tool to find a “real” occupation and earn a salary. How? Leveraging the multiple portals that allow you to search and find work, to send your curriculum to companies and individuals and to apply for specific positions. If you’re interested in it, just start by talking to This is a true institution of its own in the Web services industry to find work. To subscribe to it and publish your resume online, visit it and click on the Subscribe button located at the top right. It is the best way to earn on the Internet.

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