Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

The embodiment of innovative technologies in the interior decoration of the apartment – one of the most successful design solutions. Despite the apparent coldness and alienation of each individual element, Techno Style design allows you to create the most comfortable conditions in the house.

Techno in modern design

The design of the apartment in the style of techno is characterized by:

  • an abundance of cold metal and glass surfaces;
  • lack of fabric and moisture absorbing materials (excluding upholstered furniture);
  • brick or stone design of the walls, their rough, carelessly processed texture;
  • the predominance of blue, gray and brown tones;
  • strict abstract prints;
  • minimal emphasis on furniture or decor items;
  • concentration on reflective elements;
  • perfect clarity of lines, the presence of correct geometric outlines;
  • rich lighting, including ceiling, wall and floor sources;
  • The presence of all communications in the most prominent places.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Designers call techno style one of the hi-tech derivatives. The arrangement of the apartment in this way became known to the public about 50 years ago. But, despite the relative youth, techno-style is persistently gaining popularity, becoming the best option for finishing not only public institutions or offices but also residential premises. Therefore, now in the shops, you can find all the necessary equipment and furniture corresponding to the chosen design, and arrange the room in any direction in the desired variation.

Entrance hall

Photo interior, reflecting the latest technology, is another confirmation of the highest progressiveness and rigor. In the design of the hallway it is allowed to use all the elements familiar to apartment residents: mirrors, cabinets, closed wardrobes or open shelves, but in slightly different variations.

Since the corridor is characterized by the highest maneuverability in the house, it will inevitably contain street things for everyday use. For their storage, it is necessary to provide lockable drawers and shelves. The interior of the hallway, corresponding to the rigor and conciseness of the chosen design, will be to the liking of neat or minimalist fans.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Living room

Room for a daytime pastime and reception guests, made in the style of techno, may seem warm enough and cozy. Adding beige shades or small wooden elements will help to make the room more comfortable. Upholstered furniture in the living room should be oversized and as low as possible.

Innovative interior assumes the obligatory presence of several light sources. For this fit open fixtures installed at different angles. Large window openings emphasize the extravagance and uniqueness of the design.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment


Reflection of high technology in the area for cooking and eating – the best solution for people whose priority is the impeccability of every detail. The design of the kitchen and dining room in the techno-style is distinguished by a strict observance of the geometry, complementary objects and a total lack of piles.

In the photo, it can be noted that the design looks harmonious and natural only in spacious, overall rooms. At the same time, in the interior of the kitchen, an openness of any communications is allowed: gas, water pipes, electrical wires, etc., which allows to significantly simplify the repair of the apartment.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment


Minimum details, maximum reflective elements, spectacular light accents – the basis for the design of the apartment in innovative technological variations. Even in the bathroom is not allowed to mitigate the strict lines inherent in the style.

Pipes, like in the kitchen, can be left open or create the appearance of disguise, located behind the glass panel structures. The best option for finishing the bathroom is plain tiles covering the walls and floor. Any marble or steel surfaces will be combined with it.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment


The design of the recreation area in the chosen style will provide peace and tranquility. A strict and laconic interior will contribute to total relaxation. When decorating a bedroom, it is important not to forget about the main design rule – a minimum of fabric coverings. Curtains can be replaced with roller blinds, and as a bedspread for a bed – use plain textiles with a dense texture.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Despite the gruff, predominantly male character, the style of techno is very pliable: it can be optimized even with the design of the children’s area. Such a design will streamline the elements, creating the illusion of a well-thought-out mess.

Techno Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Stylishly techno reflected in the interior with a combination of extreme precision, practicality and inexplicable chaos, can be the best option for interior decoration, providing relaxation and comfort. The apartment, designed according to all the rules, will literally scream about entering a new intellectual level.

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