Buying a house to renovate

Buying a house to renovate

Research the property before you view it and also after

You might feel as if you are entering a gunfight with a sword if you don’t have any experience in renovating houses.

It is recommended to get the experts to come and look at the house at a later time if you are about to make an offer. However, there are some things you can try to do to determine if the property is right for you. When you need Estate Agents Gloucester, contact

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Make a list of your “red lines”

It can be stressful to search for a property that you want to renovate. Do-it-yourself projects can be a big risk.

Establish red lines in advance. You can save yourself a lot of time by defining your red lines.

Be sure to understand the cost of a renovation

Cost is the most important factor in determining whether or not you can afford a renovation. It’s important to make rough calculations to determine how much work is required.

To get a rough estimate, you’ll have to take “finger-in-the air” estimates and break them down. If you’re unable to estimate the cost of a project, you’ll probably hit a brick-wall. However, you can find local information online.

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Have a building survey carried out

Always go for a structural survey. Yes, they are expensive and yes, it feels ‘wrong” to spend a lot of cash on a house that needs work but isn’t yours yet.

In renovation mode, thousands of pounds can disappear quickly. The cost of the survey is likely to be high as it will be your first expense. Your instinct may be to keep costs low.

A building survey is a safer step, as it provides a list of repairs that you can make to your property. As cliche as it may sound, sellers will try to hide cracks by wallpapering them. While a property might look fine to you, it may not be the case.

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