Key skills that finance professionals need to have

Key skills that finance professionals need to have

When you think of a finance job, you automatically consider numeracy to be one of the key skills that professionals in the field need to have. But finance positions actually require a range of skills and abilities that go far beyond the ability to handle numbers. Here’s what you need to know.Key skills to work in the finance industry

An accountancy recruitment agency such as https://talentfinance will tell you that these are the skills that employers look for in the financial sector:

1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is required to handle people, negotiations, communication and the broad spectrum involved in working with other people. Often a far more valuable skill than basic IQ, it’s a holistic skills that employers increasingly want.

2. Empathy

Empathy is useful for truly understanding people’s problems so that companies can develop solutions that solve them. It helps professionals to see new opportunities and to find innovative solutions

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  1. Relationships and Business Acumen

    These both go hand in hand and any accountancy recruitment agency will find that employers list both as key to most senior roles, particularly where stakeholder management features highly, as well as decision-making.

    4. Strategic Know-How

    This helps professionals to provide value to their employers at the highest level, helping them to make strong and sound decisions that factor in an array of variables. Strategic thinkers also stay ahead of the game and understand how the world is changing. This helps them anticipate what needs to be done to respond to these new factors.

    5. Critical Thinking

    This is named as the main skill desired by employers. It’s typically followed by communication and then data analytics, representing a typical flow of information and skills that are required in any finance company.

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  1. Adaptability

    In an ever-changing world, professionals who can flex and pivot are highly in demand, as they stay ahead of the change curve and help others to work through it.

    Could you say that you have the finance skills needed in 2024? Perhaps now is the time to work on these skills and refresh your CV!

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