Apply activated charcoal mask for eliminate blackheads from skin

Apply activated charcoal mask for eliminate blackheads from skin

How to remove blackheads:instructions to eliminate blackheads (even the deepest) in a natural way. Tips to remove blackheads from the nose and T-zone of the face, without crushing them and without irritating the skin.

Here’s how to remove blackheads from the nose, back, face and other areas of the skin. All effective treatments to eliminate blackheads without crushing them and without irritating the skin.

Although blackheads are not noticed at first sight, they can cause discomfort and increase the risk of pimples and acne. In this page we will see how to remove blackheads from the-nose, back and the so-called T-zone of the face.

How to remove blackheads with adhesive patches or charcoal

The patches can be useful for removing blackheads from the nose and chin and forehead but are not as effective against blackheads on shoulders and back. The patches act as an adhesive tape which, by sticking to the impurity, removes them from the dilated pores and eliminates the black spot.

Usually they are used moistened,they should be applied for about ten minutes in order to allow the patch to dry completely and adhere to the impurities of the face.

For some time now, natural black coal patches (activated charcoal) have also spread to the market. Activated carbon has a strong absorbing power: in addition to removing blackheads it also absorbs excess sebum.

Where to find the patches for the removal of blackheads from the nose and T-zone of the face? In the most supplied supermarkets, in cosmetics stores or on Amazon.

How to eliminate blackheads with a charcoal mask

Always exploiting the absorbing properties of natural coal, a large number of products have spread to the market, including exfoliating masks for deep facial cleansing.

Also in this case, for the purchase you can contact the beauty centers or take advantage of the online purchase. Among the best masks to remove blackheads that take advantage of the absorbing power of natural charcoal, I would like to point out to you that it is “a bit anonymous” but with an excellent quality / price ratio. It is a really effective and “delicate” exfoliating mask (it can also be used by those who, like me, have sensitive skin problems).

How to remove blackheads from back and shoulders

Back and shoulders are rather large areas, it would be unthinkable to use patches or remove blackheads mechanically. For the treatment of blackheads on the back and on the shoulders it is possible to use custom creams. On the market there is no lack of skin cleansing creams that promise to remove impurities. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate blackheads from the back using the properties of some natural products, first of all, green clay. The green clay compresses, applied on the back (as well as on the face) can remove the blackheads and prevent their reappearance.

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