Top 10 ways to wear women red pants to the office

Top 10 ways to wear women red pants to the office

Wearing women red pants to the office can be complicated if we do not know how to combine it. Red is a strong color and transmits security, but many prefer to use it for the weekend. In this post I show you how we can put together a simple and proper outfit for the office.

The colorful pants set trend and well combined are ideal to wear outfits very flattering and fashionable. At first it may seem complicated to find clothes that go well with certain colors such as red, but we do not have to give up including a pair of pants in our wardrobe. Pay attention to the following article of a Como, we give you some ideas that will help you to combine a women red pants and get the most out of this garment.

The notch The ideal is to wear a pair of pants in a straight cut so that we can have a comfortable working day. This will allow you not to mark your underwear and look professional. If we want to wear a tight one we can do it on casual Fridays and of course on weekends.

Few colors, few accessories. And since this piece is going to be the star of our look, it  is important that we combine it with the least possible number of colors and that these are neutral, or in black and white. As for the accessories, the same scheme applies.

So taking into account these considerations I share the 10 ways to use red paints in a work environment.

Best 10 ways to wear women red pants to the office  red  a work environment

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#1. Beige blouse:  If you are looking for a classic and elegant look this is one of the best alternatives. A shirt or blouse of this hue allows us to play with textures and accessories, which should be golden ( or in warm colors ) to achieve the   perfect outfit .

#2. Red with red. Definitely a total network is daring and risky. We must be sure of wanting to take this option to do it with all the attitude and security that is needed. In this sense a tailor is the best alternative to go to the office. The idea is to combine it with subtle pieces so as not to overload us and choose a shade of red that is not so vibrant. A good idea is to accompany it with white color.

#3. Chanel style. This option is achieved with black and white pieces combined with classic accessories, such as a pearl necklace for example. A square and medium-sized portfolio closes the proposal.

women red pants to the office

#4. With stripes. Following the trends of this season, we can wear a blouse or a striped polo with our women red pants, it is a practical and casual option. To cover we can wear a black blazer or clear lead, even a leather jacket would be super cool .

#5. Funny prints. We must be very careful when using this resource, as the recommended pattern would be one of maximum 3 colors and small size. In the photo below we see a blouse in  polka dots  ( or polka dots ), which is super good for the occasion. Recall recommendation number.

#6. White. Of course, you can not miss the white color that combines well with everything, and our red pants do not escape it. It is an alternative that feels perfect for this spring. If your style is romantic, this is your number one choice!

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#7. Casual Friday . I close today’s post with an  ideal look for casual Friday. This time the pants are tight, the key here is to use a dark color on top. The black is perfect because it gives the “serious” touch to the situation.

#8 Black. In addition to the blazer, any black top part combines great with women  red pants. Black is a color that goes well with almost everything and we can choose shirts, blouses, shirts, jackets, etc. of the style that we like the most to adapt it to the look that we want to wear at all times. As we have seen before to break nothing better than an outfit that women  red pants with black and white at the top.

#9 Nude and beige. Do you want the red of the pants to stand out above all other garments? Then, nude is the best color for you. It is a very fashionable and very versatile tone that we can take with almost everything. Also, beige tones are also a great option to women  red pants and give them prominence.

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# 10 Marine rays. A combination that we love for the good weather is that of the women  red pants with the sailor stripes . It is ideal to achieve a navy look more cheerful and flattering. And if we also add to our outfit a blazer or beige trench we will dazzle with a magnificent style.

Finally, If you think that women red pants are too flashy to go to work, nothing is further from reality! Choose a skinny model and combine it with a white shirt or blouse, a classic combination with which you will achieve a very feminine and romantic look, to which you will only have to add one of your   black women’s brand jackets and some high heels or sandals. Wedge in summer. The color range of beige and nude tones   is also perfect for the pants to be the protagonist and achieve an   elegant outfit with a blouse or top. Get a casual chic look   by combining women’s red  paints, a black top, a white scarf and a small tote from the Burberry collection   also in white, or use the infallible sailor stripes, faithful friends of the red color, for a look  navy  that you can sublimate with a   beige trench for an elegant finish or give a bolder color with  stilettos  in electric blue.