The different types of knit fabric you need to know about

The different types of knit fabric you need to know about

Knit fabrics all contain the same construction style in that they loop long lengths of a single fibre together. When looking at a knit fabric, the fibre on the surface runs in one way only. This helps the fabric to stretch. Despite these common characteristics, there are several different types of knit fabric, all with differing qualities and characteristics.

When choosing a garment constructed from knit fabric, you can be assured of a great fit and drape. It will be practical for everyday wear and always look its best. Some of the best qualities of knit fabric are that it is soft to the touch, comfortable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking.

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Types of knits

Jersey knit, the most common knit, is used in dresses and T-shirts for excellent drape.

Rib knit is a reversible fabric used for jumpers, sweaters, waistbands and cuffs. It has signature vertical ribbing.

Double knits contain less stretch and are extra thick and material-dense. Double knits are characteristically fluffy and the fabric is reversible.

Interlock has the same characteristics as the jersey but is double the thickness and identical on both sides.

Mesh knits, which are transparent and lightweight, are constructed from tulle-type material.

Aran sweaters

The classic and timeless style staple that is the Aran sweater is the perfect example of how knit fabrics are used to provide stretch, fit and durability. Knit fabrics are perfect for ensuring a wrinkle-resistant look and are easy to care for, comfortable, and lightweight. Knit fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for the Aran sweater. Steeped in heritage, the Aran sweater was traditionally made and gifted to fishermen of the Irish Sea. For a huge selection of beautiful mens Aran sweaters, you can visit stores such as

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The practical yet beautiful nature of knit fabrics means they are the perfect solution for comfortable, high-quality, and long-lasting pieces of clothing. They will last season after season and provide a capsule wardrobe staple, just like the iconic Aran sweater that has stood the test of time.