Essential winter accessories for women

Essential winter accessories for women

The British weather is so unpredictable that it is prudent to have a range of essential accessories to tide you over in the event of a cold snap. We all want to look our best even when wrapped up warm, so here are our top tips to ensure you rock winter.

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Subtle scarves

Your winter wardrobe is not complete unless you have a collection of scarves. A good scarf will serve several purposes, such as keeping you warm and toasty and accessorising both business and casual outfits.

Scarves make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift and can be found in a range of sizes, colours and styles. Wearing a scarf can also keep you healthy. Other great gift ideas with a winter theme include a mens single button shawl collar Aran sweater.

Groovy gloves

The great thing about gloves is that they can make the most miserable of winter days bearable. They also come in a whole range of styles, helping you to accessorise.

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Fingerless gloves are perfect for those who like to use their phones while out and about; what’s more, you can even buy gloves that have been designed with phone users in mind. Woollen mittens are great for those icy-cold days, as they conjure up images of hot chocolate around a fire. Gloves also stop your hands from getting too dry or chapped.

Hip hats

Hats are a love them or hate them accessory, but they help to prevent you from catching the flu. Hats are very on-trend right now and you are sure to find one that will make you look amazing.

If you don’t fancy wearing a bobble hat or wool hat, you could potentially opt for a headband, although these are generally more a way of making a fashion statement than for keeping warm in the winter. A mens single button shawl collar Aran sweater will certainly keep the man in your life warm.

Boss boots

Wear your boots like a boss. Boots are a must-have for the winter and it is sensible to invest in a few pairs in different styles to ensure you are ready for every occasion. You don’t need to wear heels, as there are so many stylish flat boots now. Many are also vegan-friendly, meaning you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle.